Thursday, March 23, 2017

What Kind Of Health Care Does Congress have?

After how many years of repeal votes and still congress couldn't pull it together and vote for a repealy- replacey health care act. I wonder how scared these cretins are? The town halls I've seen, with people loaded for bear, mad as hell at the congressional Orange Bozo lovers who are ready to throw away what little health care coverage people have.
                                            "What kind of insurance do you have?"    
That's the question one woman asked of Tom Cotton. (R-AR)
Cotton, just another dude, obsessed with Planned Parenthood, who would rather see a lot of UNplanned parenthood.    
Fortunately, for people who like the ACA, (Obamacare) I doubt the GOP psychopaths will be able to get rid of it. How long has it been since these clowns could do anything except maybe shut the                   government down? They do nothing. Except fund raise and collect their fat paychecks and benefits most Americans can only dream of.
So after almost a week long head fake, they tell us no vote this week, I highly doubt they are going to be strong armed into voting for the hot mess of an American Health Care Act, over the weekend, unless they can come up with a crueler, more spiteful health care plan.
My idea is that whatever congress decides to do, they should get the same health care that they pass into law. That should be built into what ever health care changes they want to make. They should have Obamacare now and see how they like it.
What ever happened to Trump's "insurance for everybody!"???? Does anyone even remember him saying that?
 Oh well, guess that's just another lie, but keep voting, because Trump's going to make America great again!
The polling I have done here, in Bumblef*$ck, New Jersey; all my friends who voted for Trump say his new plan is better, with no actual facts to back it up, or any actual research at all. They hate Obama so much and Obamacare, that they think anything will be better, They have a weird case of magical thinking. If Trump says so and Spicey says so, then it's great again. The propaganda is definitely working.
Today we witnessed the whole debacle being pushed back and pushed back and then they had to give up. I guess they'll hope no one will remember come Monday. They will delay and delay until it goes away.
Even if it doesn't, it will never get passed in the Senate, so it's more bread, more circuses. While we are all looking at the crazy health insurance game they are playing, what the hell is going on behind our backs?
How about Gorsuch? Did anyone see Al Franken take apart Gorsuch and call his decision absurd? Could you get a crueler judge than Gorsuch?
There is nothing about this new administration that is great. Unless, cruelty is great. Unless, letting sick people get even sicker, is great. The fact that so many American voters could be seduced by Donald Trump and now could care less about what he's doing, kind of shocks me. I thought there would be a sense of dismay over what he is doing, but no, turns out people are just fine with it.
There's no attempt at hiding the corruption, no lack of remorse, the attempt to create yet, another dynasty, by installing the first daughter in the White House and the first son-in-law.
My friend Sean says, "she's really smart!"
I was like, when did she ever prove that? Is she a Rhodes Scholar?
I think Al Franken got it right, it's absurd. So, what's it gonna take for people to realize the people you elect, do not care. Is it going to be them taking away their health care? Will that do it? Because American's are going to have to get a whole lot sicker and a whole lot angrier to stop this Dickensian, pauperized future waiting for us, then again half the country is pauperized now. However, every one's a King, when they are watching the Kardashians. I'm sure they think that's real too!


  1. Good Morning Patricia! ... as far as taking long to respond, no problem at all ... I realize folks are busy, some folks dont even respond to comments actually. Thanx for the videos, I didnt see Franken vs. Gorsuch till now, I did catch Feinstein and Gorsuch the other day ... she made him quick, on how clever he is wording. As far as Gorsuch ... I can assure you he is also a fundamoralist, very corporate oriented, and even wants to "expand" Citizens United to make it even larger as far as campaign spending, he wants it blown wide open and literally total legalized bribery (trust me). None of these opponents to Planned Parenthood, even point out the majority of positives of planned parenthood, all they ever talk about is "killing babies", which is an insult to the American people, because it basically tells Americans ... "we know ya'll are stupid". I didnt even know Roland had a YouTube show, Thanx (he's a local here) ... but as far as the word "dialogue" or this crap about peaceful response, calm, quiet, etc, etc ... NO, people should be outraged, and give them all full throttle HELL, as a matter of fact, the more chaotic and radical ... the more I love it (my apology, I understand I dont sound so peaceful and loving ... because I honestly am not). I'm not even a fan of ObamaCare/ ACA, but doing what they are doing in the congress right now, is not ANY fix or answer. I remember you saying that you were concerned that going to national healthcare for all, could/ may cause an economic crisis, and you're are right ... that is exactly why I wanted to look at Obama's initial call in 08 for a "partial" public option plan. A designed plan, to where it would NOT shut down private health industry, yet, provide an open option for working classes of lower incomes to enter, like a type of Medicaid, government money payroll deducted, with investment bankers hands off. This would create a pool based on "demand", making it freedom of choice and market, and still anyone can choose whatever private insurance and med providers they want and/ or can afford ... and it would allow (with a payroll tax) for it to build itself, it would also force insurance/ healthcare providers, to be more competitive in ... or lose their ass ... again ... it's "free market".

  2. I knew back in 09 & 10, they WERE NOT going to even do the "partial public option" and blogged about it, despite so many democrats at the time, saying we would get a public option ... I sensed the mega insurers (and that was before Citizens United ruling, would not let our politicians do it. Why ... because what they were proposing, was forcing by law, for millions of low income people to get insurance, or take their income tax returns ... I knew, some corporations were going to see that as billions to pocket, especially with the medicaid coverage, making providers of services be able to milk that, and insurers to be able to jack up premiums and milk the workers and government simultaneously, the whole thing was designed by corporate lobbyists/ lawyers to be a hustle and mega cash grab ... that's how I knew, not because I had a lucky guess, or special insight ... understand how the money worx, and you'll figure them out 99% of the time. Yes, of course they think everyone will forget come monday as you say ... they know we have short memory, and they are screwing up thinking they can make it shorter and shorter, cause they are getting "made". You're right, they dont do a damn thing up there ... but figure out more wayz to screw people. Unfortunately Patricia, I cant say here what need to be done to some of these people in Washington ... but I can assure you it's not pretty ... I'll leave it there. Take Care ....

  3. As far as your buddy Sean saying Ivanka is smart, I agree ... they are all pretty smart, and know how to make a buck ... and Ivanak or anyone in his familia, will make a Hell of alot of money off of Trump's presidency. As far as her becoming President or whatever ... they all have plans, whether it is Clinton's, Trump's, Bush's or whoever, to keep the ruling class of politics going ... even Chelsea Clinton ... how will they market it? Simple, they will choose anyone but a white male, like they would with a person of colour, to try to sell you the idea, that because they are of colour, female, or transgender ... they "understand" regular people, etc, etc. What the problem is, is that anyone they/ oligarchs select to run the show regardless of colour or gender, will be hand picked by them and indebted to doing their deeds. Another reason it is of grave importance to get money out of politics, and go to public funding ... and rich folks can still vote and give a small donation to their favourite like every other citizen, plus they still have lobbyists to voice their interests.

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