Thursday, February 2, 2012

"The Poor Have A Safety Net."

Here's One More Hole. Too Bad He Can't Do Anything About The One In His Head.
They may have a safety net, but it just got a little smaller. Thanks to Karen Handel, Vice President of Susan G. Komen Foundation and endorsed by Mitt Romney in her run for Governor of Georgia in 2008. When I read about The Susan G. Komen Foundation pulling funding from Planned Parenthood, all I could think was, how did Karen Handel go from being Secretary of the State of Georgia to Vice President of Public Policy for Susan G. Komen Foundation? One of the founders of Komen, Nancy Brinker has strong GOP ties, she was Ambassador to Hungary under George W. Bush. Handel was Deputy Chief of Staff to Marilyn Quayle. Karen Handel - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Also, when Handel was appointed to her position as V. P. of Public Policy, she created new rules, this decision came after the Koman Foundation unveiled a partnership with the policy making arm of the George W. Bush Presidential Library. Susan G. Komen for the Cure - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Don't think "W" and his cronies have gone quietly into the night. I think it's really interesting, on the heels of the Affordable Healthcare Act and the new birth control guidelines, with free birth control being offered to women who have health insurance, now screening funding has been cut off to Planned Parenthood, by the GOP nutjobs that run the Susan G. Komen Foundation, because of some Republican named Stearns on the House Oversight Committee, Planned Parenthood is supposedly under investigation for using federal funds for abortion. Which they don't. Is it just me? Why are these religious freaks in charge of women's breast health. It's hard enough when you are insured to run around and get those tests done. I can't imagine what it's like, for someone living in poverty who's only access to screenings or any reproductive healthcare is a Planned Parenthood Clinic. Thank You Karen Handel, for keeping your sisters down.
Romney's Bitch, She's on the left.


  1. Well, now that the right-wing nuts have been exposed at Koman, Liberals won't be signing up for many more races and Conservatives would never donate money to group which helps women so their funding is going to dry up.