Wednesday, May 16, 2012

If Bush Can't Leave The Country, How Is He Free?

Torturer, Liar, Human Rights Activist?
I have been keeping up with the John Edwards trial, and while examining that I wondered, as this brew-ha-ha is swirling in North Carolina, what is it that we should really be looking at? I wondered why the Justice Department is willing to look at this scandal and prove  Edwards' financial wrong doing? However, there is no mention of George W. Bush, I guess we're not allowed to look back at that? But we can examine the stupidity of Edwards, who may have used donations wrongly, but the former President, who got us over 5 trillion dollars in debt for 2 wars that were unfunded, whose administration lied to the American people and Congress, who violated international treaties with his policy of torture, and gave American citizens his idea of a "Raw Deal" by destroying the economy, thanks to all that "trickle up" stupidity, we are just not allowed to go, "back there".
Now I read that "W" was in D.C. to promote, and I am not lying or under the influence of anything, he's promoting human rights. George W. Bush Briefly Visits Washington - \
My question is, human rights for who?  Rich White people? Wasn't he afraid some one would throw a shoe at him? Like they did in Iraq?
He's also promoting Romney, but strangely enough, "W" "wonder boy" has not been actively campaigning for Romney anywhere, except in an elevator in Washington D.C.. President Clinton has been very visible promoting President Obama.  So I wonder why Wonder boy has not been trotted out as a hero and spokesperson, especially because of his wildly successful "Bush Tax Cuts". What gives?  Could it be that Romney doesn't want to be associated with the equivalent to a modern day Calvin Coolidge? Does he want to stay as far removed as possible from the President that devastated the American economy? Perhaps they are concerned with the former presidents stammering and illogical speaking ability. Although Mitt seems to be a contender, he and "W" seem to share a common problem of public speaking stupidity and gaffes.
The former President said, "I actually found my freedom by leaving Washington". If only the rest of us were similarly free. Thanks to the Patriot Act and all manner of surveillance, an economic depression, a war that still rages 10 years later, many of us are anything but free. I don't believe he's free either since he cancelled a trip to Switzerland last February, apparently Switzerland takes torture more seriously than the United States. George W. Bush cancels Switzerland visit over fears of arrest on torture charges | Mail Online
For President Obama's sake he better look back, and dredge up all the Republican wrong doing that got us into the mess we're in, especially for amnesiacs that vote

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