Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Land Of The Shareholders

Remarkably Similar!
In the tradition of history repeating itself, I have been trying to come up with a historical figure that compares with Romney as a Republican Presidential candidate. Lo and behold there was a waffler that could definitely compete, Wendell Willkie.
Willkie was a Wall Street industrialist and a corporate lawyer for the biggest utility company of it's time. Making loads of money for shareholders.
He was a critic of the TVA providing cheap electricity, (no surprise there) and opposed to FDR's New Deal strategies. FDR's TVA program and Willkie's philosophy of government controlled organizations having unfair advantages inspired him to turn Republican. He was originally a Democrat, and was a representative to the Democratic National Convention. Like Romney, Willkie waffled and reversed his position on major issues, including which party he wanted to be in. He also tried to pander to Isolatonist Republicans, stating " No man should use Presidential powers to drag a country into a war" and told Interventionists that the U.S. should support Britain against Germany. Willkie and Romney both seemed to have a philosophy of shrinking government. Willkie wanted to work with business leaders, or "job creators" to end the Great Depression. Willkie also was not a good public speaker like Mitt, What they also have in common  is that a country can be run like a business. Here's where things go south for old Mittenhead,
                                        A country isn't a business and shouldn't be run like one.
 Romney is running on his experience with Bain. He has experience enriching a select few and creating $10 dollar an hour jobs. While he outsources his assets to a company named Sankaty Advisors, located in Bermuda.
This shell company enables Romney to avoid a 35% tax. So that's one of his ways of creating wealth. Romney will govern for shareholders.
His Bain experience fits into the established meme that Romney is completely out of touch. He has also shown an utter contempt for the American people by lying with impunity. Romney may have run a successful business but what use is that to being a good president? When we get another shitty jobs number on Friday, will job creationism be the next theme? I guess we're going to get a dose of Puritanical, "The Lord helps those who help themselves", while The 1% help themselves to whats left of the 99%.
 Flip flopper Wendall Willkie lost to FDR's landslide victory. So if anything can be gleaned from an election mired in an economic catastrophe, it's that the American people aren't going to put the country in the hands of someone who thinks being a business man is enough of a qualification to run for President. Here's hoping.

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  1. I posted one earlier today asking why no one on the right side of the political aisle is concerned about Mitt's offshore accounts. Pretty sure they'd be all over it if Obama had money in Swiss banks and tax havens in The Caymans.

    What's on Faux News about Mitt's Money?

    Shhhhh... move along, nothing to see here folks... disperse quietly...