Sunday, February 24, 2013

Beware The Ides Of March

Is it time to panic?
The sky is falling and it's the end of the world, sequestration is coming! I don't know anyone who cares about it. Most people are worried about the rising price of food and gas, you know, things that aren't counted by our government when calculating inflation. So I guess what most people really care about, doesn't count. Because it's all about the deficit. It's what the people in Washington D.C. care about.
I have a hard time believing this is going to happen. But lets just say it does, how exactly will it effect everyone and where did sequestration come from?
First of all, this is a consequence of Congress' failure to reach any kind of consensus on the budget. The real dirty secret about the manufactured budget woes is the failure of Congress to tax the wealthy and all their offshored billions. So lets get real about that. This whole sequestration is about FAILURE. We all know what a dirty word that is in America. Oh and lets not  forget the epic fail of two unfunded wars by Bush, which made billions for said billionaires.
One of my concerns was how this will effect soldiers and veterans who fought in these unnecessary wars. The answer is it won't. That's a good thing, we need to take care of the people who risked their lives for Bush's lies and stupidity. Another concern is how will this affect the elderly?  This is where it gets ugly because Medicare is facing 11 billion in cuts. So the poorest and weakest are going to get hit, of course, because no one deserves to live their golden years out with dignity, THAT'S too expensive.
I bet the other group that gets hit hard will be children, that's a no brainer. Sure enough, low income mothers and children will see the WIC program cut. Life is sacred until it costs the government money to feed you. Remember, this Congress is so obsessed with abortion they voted on 10 bills about it. (67 were introduced) Is there ever going to be a day when I wake up and not be pissed off about this crap?
It looks like the prison industry is going to take a hit, I'm okay with that because the mass incarceration of people on drug charges is outrageous. If we legalized weed an taxed the shit out of it we might not have much of a deficit, but wait, that would make sense and we can't have that!
There will be longer lines and more waiting around at airports, we will probably be exposed to even more food borne illnesses because of cuts to the FDA.          
All the while the rich get richer and live in this country essentially for free. What we have here is a taxing problem, not a spending problem. While everyone who is barely scraping by, goes to an accountant because they can't figure out their taxes themselves, due to the draconian tax codes in this country. Mitt Romney and rich people like him are't worried at all and are probably paying a lot less than us takers and moochers.
The answer to the question of where sequestration came from? That would be President Obama, for 500 Alex. This was his idea. (actually it was Jack Lew's former head of Citigroup, Barack's pick for Treasury Secretary) In a logical world Congress would just pass a budget and this whole thing would be over. So President Obama, betting that sequestration would be so awful, Congress would never allow it to happen. He's been wrong so many times about Congress, I've lost count. I thought they would never let this happen either, not because of what it does to the elderly, women and children, but with all the lucrative defense spending cuts. March 1st is 5 days away, maybe there will be some kind of last minute sanity that will come over Congress, but I wouldn't bet on it.

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  1. The reason that the Repiblicans want to let the
    sequestration go into effect is to solidify cuts in social programs - Once thoss are in hand - they will start negeotiating once they have gotten what they want to protect America's defense.