Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Happy Singles Awareness Day!

Just wanted to do the Anti Valentines day thing. How about some of The Clash. One of my fave songs.
Maybe it's just my rebellious nature, but where the hell did Valentines Day come from?
St Valentine preformed clandestine marriages for Christians in Roman times. Claudius decided that married men did not make good soldiers*. Wonder why?
But for real romantics, there's nothing better than Joni.
So there you have it. A perfect Valentine, in my opinion. Happy Singles Awareness Day or Valentines Day!
Check out this blog, Big Bad Bald Bastard  Apparently, we are never alone, we always have something to celebrate with.


  1. I love it.

    Thanks for the Joni!

    She gets us through, doesn't she?


  2. When Mick Jones sang "so alone I'll keep the wolves at bay", he didn't know that he had millions of microbes living in his intestines.

  3. "All those times when we were close" He had no idea!

  4. Yes, Suzan, Joanie's got our backs!