Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Secret Life Of Chemicals

Europe banned pesticides that are harmful to bees. Could that happen in the U.S.? The EPA'S. position blames Colony Collapse Disorder on mites. This way corporations can get away with bee murder. The EPA also gave us hormone enhanced milk and the use of antibiotics on animals and now mites are killing bees, but not GMO pollen or pesticides.
Lobbies are everywhere, including bee hives. The reason we don't do the same as Europe is because of the lobbies that represent Monsanto. Let me see, I think I read  something about the Farmer Protection Act, aka " The Monsanto Protection Act."Also known as the Roy Blunt R-Mo. Bill , he said he worked with Monsanto to craft this piece of legislation, which  is pretty much corporate welfare for Monsanto.
Neonicotinoids  are used for a lot of purposes, including flea control on domestic animals. Some of the research I have read indicates that the pesticides might not outright kill bees, but what it does do is affect their behavior. 
With a country as diverse as the U.S. it is confusing to me that we do not protect biodiversity. Maybe because it can't be monetized?
Chemical manufacturers obviously have more power here than in Europe, however Germany's Bayer CropScience calls the EU ban a "setback for technology." It looks to me like the bees are having a setback, but who cares if bees disappear and we can't pollinate plants anymore, yes, their are a lot of other non-hive dwelling insects that pollinate, but colony bees do a lot of the work. Apis Melliflera, what we know as the honey bee is not native to the U.S. but were brought to this country by Europeans. I think that killer bee's probably have a right to be pissed off the way we have been screwing up the environment.
Those that are empowered seek only their own selfish and damaging agenda's. I guess when all the bees have been eliminated then maybe the EPA will get on board with the EU but it will probably be too late.
As far as Monsanto goes, you can't patent a naturally occurring plant. So it benefits them financially to mess around with our food supply. These GMO's are allowed into our food supply without being tested because the FDA's Michel Taylor*, was in charge of FDA policy, he then became VP at Monsanto, he is a perfect example of the revolving door of our government and corporate jobs program. Not only have the bees been infected by corporate profit, also our government and our food supply.
It seems to me that bees have been around for millions of years without collapsing but now we have chemicals and GMO pollen and now they are dying. It's common sense to get the pesticides out of our food chain and GMO corn, wheat and whatever else. Europeans are obviously brighter than we are. They did give us Charles Darwin. But we are the ones who will probably win the "Darwin Award".
*Michael R. Taylor - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


  1. What can I say? I was inspired. Lol

  2. With a country as diverse as the U.S. it is confusing to me that we do not protect biodiversity. Maybe because it can't be monetized?

    It's even worse than that, a lot of fundies are virulently anti-environment because they want to speed up The Rapture.

  3. It is illegal in the United States to ban pesticides unless they are harmful to investment bankers.