Sunday, August 4, 2013

Civil War

Congress gets from Aug 3 to Sept. 4  vacation. A month. Who gets that? Why? These jerks can't get anything done and they get a month off? Oh and that's not all, their average salary? $174,000per annum
Let's see, Congress has an approval rate of "a historic low of 10 percent" 
10% of what?
Their next big do-nothing plan? Overhaul the tax code.
“Obviously, we’re both committed to working very hard to make this reality because we can’t afford to wait.” Um, yeah, there's a lot I know I can't afford, but overhauling the tax code is only going to work for Max Baucus and all his rich friends. It ain't going to help any working soul in this country. Trillions of American dollars are offshored to avoid taxes, is anything going to be done about that?
 Oh, I get it, the little guy is going to be taxed even more.
Who votes for these people? 
I'm not very concerned about anything these assholes threaten to do, since they aren't capable of doing anything. The fact that they earn 3.4 times the average salary really pissed me off. Just thinking about their benefits that WE pay for gets me really mad. Limousines, iPhones, secretaries and fancy dinners. WE pay for that and they can't get anything done.
While on vacation, public enemy No. 1, Mitch McConnell is trying to campaign for his 6th term on a platform of repealing Obama care. Kentucky has the highest poverty rate in the country, it's easy to see why McConnell doesn't want any poor people in his state to get free healthcare. Apparently he's the only one who's allowed to have that. "“If Mitch McConnell’s doctor told him he had a kidney stone, he’d refuse to pass it,” said Grimes, drawing a big laugh from the crowd." This is what his competition said about him. Her name is Alison Lundergan Grimes, I hope she wins, but I doubt she will. Since people often vote against their own interest, the state is probably gerrymandered anyway.
126 days a year, that's how many days McConnell actually works in DC. 239 days off. What a life he leads. No wonder these assholes can stay in office till their 90 years old, they NEVER work. It's like being retired, only you travel for FREE!
"House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD) announced that the House would take a day off during the first week in session. Why? Was there a national emergency? Maybe a catastrophic storm? Not at all. It was because of the championship college football game between Oklahoma State and Florida State." This is the only reporting that I can agree with on Fox News. It's crazy to me that no one notices or even cares that these ancient assholes are running our country. The 1% get richer and the 99% pay and pay.
There a big election coming up in my state. Chris Christie is going to win big. He's such a regular guy. Most people have no idea that he's Karl Rove's darling.
"Christie became a lobbyist for energy companies in 1998, positioning him to become a top fundraiser for George W Bush's Republican presidential campaign in 2000. In 2001, Bush nominated Christie to serve as United States Attorney for New Jersey" Yeah he was a lobbyist, then he got elected. Why? Bush political guru Karl Rove had given Christie the job as the spoils for his fundraising efforts." A vote for Christie is a vote for Rove. Likewise for McConnell.
There is the opinion that there is a GOP Civil War going on. I think it's no longer about Democrats or Republicans. They are all on the take. If there's going to be a Civil War it should be the 99% against these Congress Critters and all the corrupt politicians in this country. That would be one hell of an epic battle.


  1. Gerrymandering doesn't affect Senate races. ; )

    1. Whew, what a relief! Thanks for that! Lolz

  2. McConnell gets 239 days off? That makes him a part-timer. They're not supposed to get benefits!

  3. American forms of Proportional Representation wd make it so that more elections are competitive and neither major party could dominate. That'd help things to swing back and it'd help to enforce Campaign Finance Regulations to make $peech not drown out real speech.

    See FairVote.


  4. McConnell is facing two opponets in this election - One by a bagger in the primary (McConnell isn't being a big enough of a obstructioaliist prick? - Imagine that!)and a Democrat who is leading him in the polls.

    Just across the river in IU Land