Sunday, August 25, 2013


I think one of the hardest things most people need to grasp is the equation of politician=money.
The politician is only concerned with constituents only insofar as to persuade them that they are working for them, the people. In reality they are being wined and dined by lobbies. They cater to lobbies and lobbies cater to them. It is what is known as a "revolving door." When a congressperson or senator leaves office or gets voted out, they aren't out of work for long, the door is opened for them at their favorite lobby. Now you might think that Republicans and Democrats would each have separate lobbies, that may be true. But what I am interested in are the lobbies that both Democrats and Republicans work for, in an effort to get over the idea that there is a difference between parties. Because there isn't. It's all surface.
Politicians either start their own lobbies or work for one. When you go on the OpenSecrets website and look for lobbies the one at the top of the list is Patton-Boggs. This is a lobby that both Democrats and Republicans work for." the lead lawyer for Mitt Romney's 2012 presidential campaign (read our "5 Minutes With..." interview with Ginsberg), as well as former Democratic Senator John Breaux and former Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott. Associates described the firm as offering a “revolving door” between government and law." The Inside View - Patton Boggs LLP
 What really got me interested in this and I guess I woke up late in the game, is President Obama's promises and the way he governs being two separate things. He made certain promises that he didn't carry out or just plain avoided, and I wondered why that would be? A lot of us thought that he would go with an F.D.R. style first 100 days in office.  He is obviously no different than any other politician, however, when he first ran on a platform of change, he created a profile of being different. Turns out he's not. People like to blame Congress for the no progress agenda and there's no shortage of blame to go around but, nothing is going to get done because there's no incentive to do anything. Unless someone has the courage to get rid of lobbies and in turn, get the corruption out of government.
My thinking is that an anti corruption party would work in uniting people. Some of the estimates are 40% of the American people don't vote. When I talk to people about why they don't vote, it's not only that they think their vote doesn't count, it's that they feel they are voting for criminals that don't care.
So there is this vicious cycle, of the revolving door in politics, that some people know that politicians don't give a damn about them. Until this stops, nothing's going to change. That will take some kind of revolution, that will probably very ugly.
One person I know who is running on an anti-corruption platform is Alexei Navalny in Russia. He was recently sentenced to 5 years in prison, but was freed due to the amount of protest from the people taking place.
Google this: American politicians running on anti corruption platform.
See what you get.

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  1. Senator Danny Coats (R-In) is a classic example of the revolving door - He was a US Senator for one term until the highly popular (with Democrats AND Republicans) former Governor, Evan Bayh (You will see more of him in 2016) took his seat. Well, Danny became a lobbyist until Bayh declined to run again and regained his old seat.
    So, he quit being a whore for the lobbyist money and became a pimp for them. Then he seen that a whore can make more money than a pimp can and out game the nylons and the lipstick and he went back to being a whore.

    Elected officials should be banned from engaging in any form of lobbying for ten years after leaving office.

    Patricia, damned good post!