Sunday, August 18, 2013

Economics 101

I think that corruption should be included in any economic research. I wonder what the August corruption index will be? I wonder how much per capita bribe money resides in the bank accounts of U.S. politicians? We should have a graph showing that. 
Why, oh why, is consumer confidence down? I am kind of surprised it was even in the news. In this Tale of Two Cities, the Tale we usually hear is that happy days are here again. Inflation is a thing of the past. "Things" are getting better. 
You have to have money to spend money.
The unemployment rate is a low 7.4% supposedly. But here's the thing, what kind of jobs? There's no such thing as a full time job that you work at for 20 years with benefits and a pension. So these jobs are part time, for crap minimum wage. So, could it be that no one has any money? Where could all the money be?
The price of food and gas keeps going up, let's see, where's that report? "Stripping out energy and food, prices rose 0.2 percent for a third straight month". Ok, I just want to know, where are the people who don't have to buy any energy or food? In other words we don't know what the real rate of inflation is. 
Lets see, people not getting decent wages or raises + food and energy costs keep rising + only Walmart, fast food, part time jobs = no recovery from the 'Great Recession Depression"
Could it be that we have antiquated  system of reporting on the economy? Or is it purposely being manipulated this way? 
 The economy has changed, but unfortunately, nothing else seems to have changed.
We have a banking system that needs to be broken down and a more regional system, that is not to big to fail to be put in place.
For God's sake why don't we have a bullet train or some kind of mass transit system? Instead we have a road system based on 100 year old highways, that are falling apart. 
There is no aspect of government that is functioning properly. We have perpetual war, lie after lie thrown at us, corporations are in charge and we live in a police state. Washington D.C. politicians should be thrown in jail. We need to overhaul the tax system and make the offshoring of profits that should be taxed, illegal.
We have a choice, we can either live in a cooperative society or we can continue living under a gaming system where thieves and the wealthy are in charge.
It looks like the infinite growth model is no longer working, the economic marginalization of wage slaves means people aren't buying anything. The status quo corrupt government means nothings going to change. We are living in an age of depleted natural resources and the climate can change but we can't.
I want to know, what investments are being made that are beneficial to the American people? 
It might be that rampant capitalism that has led to the current surveillance state might have bit the 1% in the ass. People have lost confidence in the lie of our bright and shiny democracy that only works for some of the people, some of the time. Is it any wonder that people don't want or have money to spend on useless crap that's made in China?
Why should we pay any attention to economists that failed to see the coming of the 2008 crash? We are still living under the same economic model that failed in the first place. Economic inequality was barely a thought in the 60's and now at all time record levels. These conditions are not conducive to economic growth or consumer confidence. Nothing is going to change as long as it's profitable for politicians to become millionaires from all the bribes they collect from corporations. there isn't a "recovery" and there will not be one until we get enough political will to make the corruption in our government illegal.
Oh hey look! Even China is prosecuting corrupt politicians, China's fallen former high-flyer Bo to stand trial Thursday | Reuters You won't see that happening here.


  1. The Meltdown of '08 didn't lead to a new New Deal, and that's a shame.

    1. Kirk,
      That is because of the stone-wall of opposition to that nigra in the Repealicans White House.

  2. Pat,
    I have a theory: I believe that the true powers behind the GOP - Koch Bros etal - have conspired with big business to keep unemployment numbers high in return for the elimination of corporate taxes once they get a Repealican in the White House and control over the Senate..
    Sadly, unless we start taking back the House one congressional district at a time. Patricia, blogging is fine - Get your butt in touch with the Democrats at home and lets restore sanity in Washington!

    Great post!


  3. Wow, Sarge, you really sound like a Sargent. Repealican! I love it. Lol, nothing but Greedy Old Pee'rs here and Teatards. Don't know any Progressive. It is queer that so many Republicans hurt by Sandy, now hate our Republican Governor and hate all the Representatives that voted against Sandy relief.
    Kirk, I am with you. Obama should have moved faster and jammed through as much legislation while he had the power to do it. One has to wonder why that didn't happen.

  4. Unfortunately, you've put your finger on it, from meaningless inflation numbers to corrupt politicians. I wanna vomit.

    Very crankily yours,
    The New York Crank

  5. I have a word for it. Vomitrocious.

  6. With increased productivity, everyone should be able to work a twenty hour job with decent pay and benefits. This whole "trickle down" economics canard has masked a serious "vacuum up" predatory economy.