Tuesday, August 13, 2013

No Salon, I Didn't Vote For Cory Booker.

There was a pretty good article in Salon called  "Don't Vote For Cory Booker Today" Don't worry Salon, I won't.
 No, it wasn't because I got caught in a tornado here at the Jersey shore. I just  refuse to vote anymore. There is just no use in it. My first vote was for Jimmy Carter. Unfortunately not a real effective President. But I do believe he was an honest one. Since President Obama has been in office it's just one amazing thing after another, his campaign promises and governing are seemingly not related. Congress critters and Senate snakes, these people can't act like leaders and can't get anything done. They have salaries, benefits and perks no normal American could ever get. I can accomplish more in one day than they can and I also wouldn't have to lie to anyone to do it. I'm so over it.
I refuse to be part of a system that proclaims it's a democracy. It's a corporatocracy.
The whole reason why we are having an August election for Cory Booker? It's not because of the death of Frank Lautenberg, so we need someone as soon as possible. It's because Christie didn't want a bunch of Democrats coming out to vote for Booker and maybe voting for Buono, the woman who's running against him, in November. Christie’s Calculated Rush for a Special Election | TIME.com
It's common knowledge that the timing of elections are being manipulated by those already in power. Then, you can't trust the Diebold or whoever's electronic voting machine. What's left? You get to take a chance on which clown is going to drive the clown car down the parkway to Trenton.
There is not a whole lot of love for Christie here at the Jersey Shore. There is still so much suffering from the Hurricane, Superstorm or whatever you want call it. People are mighty pissed and I keep hearing they are not "Stronger Than The Storm."
 People are pretty angry that an $8 million dollar boardwalk was seen as a priority, but everyday here, people are watching homes being torn down or struggling to pay to have them raised. We have the highest taxes in the country and they will be going up even more because of the lost revenue of so many homes and businesses that have been wiped out. Good to know Christie spent $7.4 million on ads, using federal aid money, featuring himself. So no Salon, I didn't vote for Cory Booker, I won't be voting for Christie either. Until the corruption is over, I am over voting.


  1. Pat!
    I appreciate and understand how you feel; but if you don't vote then you give up your only real voice in what happens in New Jersey and America as a whole. Blogging and writing scathing letters to the editor and emailing shitgrams to those in Congress and the State House is good - But not nearly as meaningful as your sole ballot.

    Please reconsider and back Cory Booker for Senate.


  2. Alas, I don't think there's a Working Families Party in New Jersey. There is in New York. They generally endorse Democrats.

    While a vote for a Booker lookalike on the Working Families ticket in New York wouldn't make him any less of a corporatist, it might, in a tight election, let him know that some of the votes for him are grudging, hewing more to the Progressive slant of the Working Families folks. That serves as a warning to chill some of his corporatist passions if he wants to get re-elected.

    The New York Crank

  3. Rush Holt seems like a decent candidate. The media anointing of a Booker juggernaut is just a bit unseemly.