Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Aroma Of Fresh Baked Yellow Cake

Oil Pipeline, Somewhere In Iran
Earlier this month, Obama lost one of his toys in Iran. Now Iran has some officials bragging that they could shut down the Gulf of Hormuz with the greatest of ease. America warns Iran that blocking oil strait will 'not be tolerated' | World news |
October 17 of this year Iran announced that they had produced their first batch of yellow cake uranium in their own nuclear easy bake oven. Israel was crying about that, and every time they cry, we have to hold their hand and dry their tears. So now the Iranians are having  naval war games. I guess no one likes that either. Also no one is allowed to have nuclear weapons. Especially no one who can shut down oil production.
Follow the petro dollars. We didn't get Iraq's oil, so I guess now we have to go after Iran's.
We've got covert operations insinuating themselves into the Green Movement. Obama's losing drones over there and practically giving away our technology. The Iraq War has officially ended. We still have one in Afghanistan but, they don't have oil. (they do have a lot of other resources we can use like lithium, and other minerals) The military industrial complex is not going to allow itself to go silently into that dark night. That beast needs to be fed. If this economy continues to worsen, and it probably will, then maybe we need another World War to create jobs for a populace that is increasingly impoverished and uneasy. Or else, another distraction from the real problems we have here. Corporations could only make more of a profit from war. It's a win-win. Except for one thing, Iran is way more powerful than Iraq. I don't trust any of the idiots in D.C. to do anything but what ever the corporations dictate. In an election year, with a war weary population, it wouldn't be very smart to embroil ourselves in another conflict. They may be idiots in Washington, but they're not fools. This thing may be on the back burner. Just bake and insert drone in center to test for nuclear readiness.


  1. If you really want to get a paranoid twist on things, just consider what could happen if there were to be a Gulf of Tonkin-esque incident in the Strait of Hormuz. Israel is itching for the go-ahead from Washington to strike the nuke facilities in Iran, but most experts believe they are hardened bunkers underground. The people of Iran would like nothing more than to be rid of the idiot who's thumbing his nose at the west, but civil unrest is a dangerous thing there. No Arab Spring for Tehran...
    Obama is war weary, like the rest of us. Unless provoked, or drawn in by an incident like the one used to justify the buildup prior to Vietnam, we won't slide into yet another middle eastern quagmire.
    The drone thing was one of the worst intel losses ever, and I was questioning why our drones don't carry self-destruct capabilities for just such events.
    In the meantime, watch the price of oil skyrocket due to rumors of a shutdown in supply. Funny how the threat of a shortage can crank up the price months ahead of the actual shortage, isn't it? Think prices ever drop months ahead of actual good news?
    Don't be silly!

  2. Any excuse to raise the price (and profits) of oil is good enough for those bastards. BTW, don't think for a minute the oil in Iraq isn't spoken for. It's already been divided up amongst the large oil companies. Just keeping it off the market drives up the price of oil. In the meantime, no one else (read: China) is getting it, either. China had entered into contract negotiations with Iraq prior to our invasion, which was as much about denying oil to China as it was anything else (sorry, WMDs were never really considered a threat except to the proganda ministry of Fox News).

  3. @ Squatlo, Gulf of Tonkinesque incident I could totally see.Complete with the same crappy cover-up. The drones maybe have a GPS? I mean seriously do we think our shit never breaks? Or gets shot down? So no self destruct, doesn't make sense. @ Jim OMG! The China Syndrome, I was too busy snickering @ Israel.You are right, especially about Fox!

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  5. Patricia, What with Israel crying and us drying their tears I totally agree plus who are they to cry when they have nukes but keep it hush hush. Jim, If a camel farts over there the price of oil goes up and @ squatlo... I thought the same thing about the drone not having self destruct capabilities when it happened, Maybe it did have one but it was made in china

  6. They're currently working on a way to harness camel gas, BTW. A pipeline across Afghanistan is in the works! ... ;-)

  7. Sorry, I have to disagree.
    They have proven time and again that they are not only fools but willing fools at that.

    Happy New Year.