Thursday, August 9, 2012


It is really hot, but what is even hotter, is Romney and his lies. You would think such a religious guy could feel the flames of hell singe him. Today it's President Obama's War On Religion. He is still crying about women getting birth control from religious employers. Sorry Willard, not all of us can afford to raise 5 kids. (I'm kind of curious if he has to pay for his Viagra) Then there's the next lie, that Mr. Obama is just giving away money to welfare queens, driving around in Cadillacs, living the luxe life. Even though Romney, once upon a time requested such a waiver, as governor of Massachusetts. On and on with nothing but misinformation, disinformation, any thing to keep us from asking exactly where his tax returns are? And what exactly is he hiding? I'm not even going to mention exactly how embarrassing his trip abroad was. Because I am too tired. I spent the better part of the last 2 days informing some very vehement Republicans of exactly what Romney really stands for, what he has done (offshoring jobs and his own milions) and what he is doing today (distracting everyone from the fact that he avoids taxes, and was possibly criminally liable, utilizing the 2007 tax amnesty) 
Why is it that the welfare system is always abused, but the tax system is never abused?
What amazes me is that they don't know. They don't know about his offshoring. They think that since Romney is a business man he can run America like a business. They don't know about Romneycare and that once he was a moderate Republican. But the worst is, that the Republicans I talk to STILL think that the ACA, or Obamacare is going to take away their health insurance or make them pay a fine, if they lose their health insurance. The level of ignorance is just amazing. Also, some of them still think the President wasn't born in this country. Some of these people are actually friends of mine, and they seem genuinely shocked when I tell them these fact's. How did you find out about all this? That's what they ask me. Well for one, I am not getting a daily dose of what the Foxtitutes are selling. I guess I am just getting old but I remember when it wasn't okay to act stupid, someone would actually call you out and tell you to stop being or acting stupid. But now it's perfectly acceptable to say stupid shit and get into your pick-up decorated with the confederate flag, and go buy some bullets for the guns you keep clean in case you have to join the Militia. Which brings me to my next point, I have never seen such hatred for the President of the United States. I can only sum it up with one common denominator, the Black man got into the WHITE HOUSE. That just can't be tolerated. It is never said outright, but that is the underlying xenophobic hysteria. Most of the people I talked to yesterday were senior citizens. Some of them were younger, the younger demographic (30 years old) they are not voting at all, they think it is useless. They point to President Obama not sticking to his platform, also his use of drones. They think their vote doesn't count. It's these amazing extremes that tell me we are living in very strange times, the young people seem weary and disaffected, the older generation, is angry and seem to want to go back in time, I am afraid to ask how far back. But back we will go if Romney is in charge.

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  1. Don't forget to add that Bain Capitol's early investors were El Salvadorans tightly connected with the notorious death squads (that Ronnie so gleefully funded) in that country's "fight for freedom" against redistributing land "owned" by the oligarchs by the freely elected government (which we helped topple, by the way).