Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The White Man's American Dream

"Hard work, get married before you have children". Don't forget with "God's help", you too can have "life, liberty and not dependency". These are Rick Santorum's words. He's proud of the fact that his grandfather worked in a coal mine until he was 72 years old. It blow's my mind that he didn't think that maybe his 72 year old grandfather deserved some kind of security in his old age. Because "there weren't any benefits back in the good old days, but freedom", okay, Braveheart. God help you if you were black or a woman, or worse, a black single mother. Then he brought out the good old "Obama gutted the work requirement for welfare, and surprise! it's not true. PolitiFact | Rick Santorum repeats Romney claim that Obama is ending work requirement in welfare
I wonder how much lying will go on tonight. It's like the whole convention is one big liefest.
Finally, Santorum trotted out his disabled daughter Bella. who, unfortunately, will be dependent for the rest of her life and has a preexisting condition. Who will benefit from President Obama's Affordable Care Act. What a hypocrite.
So lets go back to the good old days. When there was a male daddy and a female mommy in a marriage. When there was "legitimate" rape, and if things didn't "shut down" with no access to abortion except a back alley, women died in droves. They never mention that. Why? We all know that a woman of means can get an abortion out of the country if they ever take Roe v. Wade away. So lets be serious, this is about the poor. It seems like all of this is about the poor. The poor who can't afford health insurance. The poor who can't afford a college education, the millions of unemployed who now find themselves in poverty.
What a relief that Anne Romney has heard our voice from her lofty perch on her dressage horse. She loves us women! As long as your not a gay woman, or a single mother.
Now, she's seriously kissing some American woman ass. After the assault on women her party has unmercifully deployed. She's got a lot of makin' up to do. She also had a father who was a coal miner and proud of it. Is this why Republican's love "clean coal"?  She didn't mention that her grandfather was a miner too, and had black lung disease.
So lets give Mitt a chance! A chance for a ride in the way back machine, back to the 1800's if we're lucky we don't go to the middle ages, when leeches were a form of healthcare.
 Chris Christie's parents grew up in poverty. You would think there would be at least some mention of solving the poverty problem in this country since it seems to be something a lot of Republicans are familiar with when it comes to their parents. They speak about it in terms of "dependency", as if a poor person going through the hell of applying for assistance and food stamps want to be "dependent". They want a job, but the job creators billions have left these American shores.
Now we get to Christie's "belief in telling the American people the truth", will attract the people to his party. It's good to know that Romney is the "truth teller" in the Republican party, depending on which way the wind blows. I for one, would like to know the truth about his tax returns.
So far we have had the sanctity of marriage, a coal miner's daughter, lies about welfare, the national deficit, half of which was on George "W"'s watch, who is mysteriously absent tonight. Along with the truth.


  1. Yes, sing it out! This is so much shit in the wind I can't stand it. I need a place to hunker down until it all blows over (except it won't). Has everyone just gone crazy? I'm going to quit my Yahoo email account because I'm sick of their sucking up to the GOP. Where to go? I don't have an answer, except maybe just off the grid completely. Is that possible?

  2. Oh, and I forgot to add: I may be white and male, but this isn't my dream. This is my nightmare. Just sayin'

  3. It was really hard to watch the whole thing. Especially the token Hispanic woman and African American that spoke. I can't believe there were any women there. That kind of stupidity is really hard to take. Guess their livin' the dream!

  4. I came in from shooting a middle school volleyball game and an elementary school football game last night, and didn't have time to watch Frothy Boy's speech, BUT I did turn it up loud enough for me to hear it in the office as I processed photos. Had to laugh out loud a couple of times at the hypocrisy. Then, the little tidbit about his dear daughter and their heroic decision to embrace her despite the handicaps sent me outside to spit.

    These assholes ignore the reality of everyday Americans, because they have no idea what kind of troubles they deal with every day. It's sooooo easy to say "Folks should stay married!" or "Women shouldn't get pregnant until baby daddy has put a ring on her finger!" as if THAT's all that's wrong in their lives. We should just require all spawners to marry, that would solve EVERYTHING!

    There's a physical limit to how often a liberal, open-minded, intelligent adult can facepalm himself listening to conservatives before he's killed enough brain cells to join their ranks.

    I'm through trying to reason with or explain away their ignorance. It's got to be hereditary. They've crawled out of the shallow end of a stagnant gene pool, and deserve sympathy (and free government health care).

    Where do we move if these trolls take over?

  5. Just so you know, I already looked into teaching overseas. I spent some time in South America. May head back. At least I know I'll be headed for a Banana Republic, instead of staying and pretending I'm not living in one.

  6. You people — I mean YOU PEOPLE – don't understand. What the Republicans are doing is restoring freedom. They're all for freedom. The freedom to starve to death. The freedom to die in the gutter. The freedom to take your cancer to the emergency room after it explodes out of your skull. The freedom to live in a refrigerator box, so long, of course, as the box isn't in some unsightly public place.

    I'm writing this while listening with one ear to Mike Huckabee. Did I hear him say Barack Obama is the fault of the press?

    Excuse me, I gotta go vomit.

    Yours crankily,
    The New York Crank

    1. I especially liked how Ann said, "I love YOU women!" It pretty much proved your point, Crank.

  7. Great post Patricia. Your title is apt because to Republicans the story of America is only that of the brave white man (sometimes wife in tow) crafting America out of the wilderness.

    It's the history of Mormonism as well. And this is just an aside, but Mormons and other 19th century Americans came upon the great mounds built by Native Americans and could not believe the "savages" could have constructed them thousands of years before the white man's arrival, to say nothing of the massive technological cultured cities of Meso-America.

    So, a belief was promulgated that a greeat race of Man (the mound builders) had done it. Coming from Atlantis or earlier Europeans or the lost tribe of Israel who were then wiped out by "Indians". This became justification for the genocidal massacres committed.

    So, now 90% of the Republican party is white. They don't see any American experience except through their own eyes. And as history has taught them every advance comes at the expense of others.

    so, to halt progressivism (which VP Paul Ryan and Glenn Beck both agree is a "cancer") it's necessary to roll back all gains in healthcare, social security, women's rights, civil right's voting rights to pre-20th century mytho-historical ideal were the White Man was unburdened and Free.

  8. Kind of like "The White Man's Unburden"?