Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Inconvenience Of Isaac.

It's the  one year anniversary of Hurricane Irene. Currently, there's a hurricane bearing down on The  GOP's hatefest in Tampa, Florida. Hurricane Irene left millions without power for days. But the only thing lawmakers in New Jersey are interested in is passing legislation so that people can get fined for going through roadblocks
There is nothing to address the problem of the power grid going down. If something on the level of what India is going through, happened here, I can't imagine what the consequences would be. There is an Energy Regulatory Committee, but because there are so many different  regulations  all over the country, there doesn't seem to be any cohesion between these entities. Congress seems to only be concerned about cyberterrorists. Since they can't pass any legislation, power grid issues won't be addressed.
The amount of storms that are more intense and more extreme, is rising. But the climate deniers getting together in Florida, might have a hard time denying Hurricane Isaac, they have already postponed their opening until Monday. I hope the people in Florida don't get hit too hard. But I wish the hurricane would give the Republicans the smackdown. Maybe if they were inconvenienced with power outages similar to what happened after Hurricane Irene hit, they might think having a power grid that was secure would be a priority.
Instead I guess they'll be talking about "legitimate" rape, or a National Vagina Regulatory Commission, (presided over by men, of course)  Here's hoping Mother Nature is really pissed off and decides to wreak havoc right over the convention in Tampa.

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