Sunday, August 12, 2012

Got Justice?

I wonder who the scales are in favor of?
I am pretty angry. But it's not what you think. I don't care who Romney chose, either way, it's all about the corporations. What I am really pissed about is this. Goldman-Sachs was let off scott-free. I am not sure why we have a Justice Department. There IS NO justice. Their subprime mess that has affected millions of Americans is "pleased" it is behind them. Millions of people who have been foreclosed on, millions whose houses are underwater, their suffering doesn't count. The Justice Department "couldn't meet the burden of proof". They couldn't "pinpoint blame for a financial crisis that pushed the United States into a severe recession from which the economy is still recovering only slowly."  How about conflict of interest?
Henry Paulson, was Goldmans CEO before he was named Treasury Secretary in 2006, right before the whole bubble burst and the Greater Depression affected every American. Except for the wealthy, of course. When mortgage experts were asked what was the worst subprime bank, they answered Goldman-Sachs.
However it's not a crime.
Try telling that to the millions of unemployed, to the people who wanted to retire, but lost their investments, anyone who owned a home and watched their equity sink into a bottomless pit. But there is no bail out for them.
So lets move along, we already have a student loan bubble. Most of us who do our own grocery shopping have already noticed the "food bubble" . "But while US congress denies a food crisis, the World Bank reported 44 million people are affected by the escalating price of food at a G20 meeting." Is there anything these pigfuckers don't have their greedy fingers in? So, they have shelter covered, you are lucky if you have it, and you are probably paying a fortune for it. The price of gas is outrageous because of Goldman's futures managers.
Water, water everywhere? "Widespread privatization efforts grew in the late 20th Century when international financial institutions such as the World Bank and International Monetary Fund required countries seeking assistance to deregulate, abolish subsidies, and even sell much of their water systems and infrastructure to private investors." Access to water should be a basic human right. "privatization is often seen as having failed much of the world’s poor."  Waterworld here we come. There is nothing that they can't find to rip off the most vulnerable or the people who are just plain getting by. There is no one to stop their criminal activity. Which brings me full circle. Guess who is Goldman's favorite? If you guessed Romney you would be correct.
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