Thursday, August 23, 2012

GOTEA Party!

The economy is the big issue in the coming fall election. The 2012 economy is the direct result of Boehner/McConnell/GoTea Party obstructionist tactics. It seems that whatever the Republican Party used to be is gone. It should now be called The GOTEA Party.
Romney's choice of Ryan, is proof that conservative extremism, is their only interest. They are counting on the fact that a distracted and ignorant public, will vote Republican, not understanding that it is now the GOTEA Party.
The economy was on the upswing the first 2 years after President Obama was elected, with the stimulus, the auto industry. "Cash for Clunkers", "First Time Home Buyers Tax Credit" in 2009. Then Hater Boehner-McConnell-GOTEA Party, took over in 2010 their was no more consideration of ideas to solve any of the country's problems. That would mean success for the Obama Administration and that just cannot happen. Any victory for President Obama equals failure to them.
So now we have EXACTLY the economy Boehner-McConnell-GOTEA Party wanted. This is what the country gets with a GOTEA Party obstructing every attempt to solve 30 plus years of failed conservative policies have caused, just the way Boehner and McConnell wanted it.
GOTEA jobs obstruction is also costing us at least 1% to 1.3% additional unemployment in the public sector. This is exactly the opposite of what happened in previous recessions when the federal government helped state and local governments. Exactly what the GOTEA Party are against.
GOTEA obstruction of any legislation to create jobs has kept the private sector from any significant improvement. In July 151,000 jobs were added, the same as in 2011.
What Boehner and McConnel have done to this country is a scandal, in terms of the human suffering they and their fellow GOTEA Partiers have caused. GOTEA is a party of hate. War against women, gays, "tax eater"-teachers, firefighters, police, the elderly collecting Social Security-they want to throw them under the bus, the unemployed, immigrants. The list is endless. I can't wait for The GOTEA Party convention in Florida. Where they will pledge to undo anything President Obama actually was able to do. If they have not done one thing for the country in the last 2 years, who could possibly vote for these psychopathic maniacs, who would rather destroy this country than actually cooperate with the President of the United States during a time of economic chaos not seen since the Great Depression. Delusional people will rally around Romney-Ryan in an orgy of hate, dressed in sugary deflective rhetoric, backing away from Ryan's budget, and there will be no talk about Romney's tax returns. Oh the sanctity of life for rich career politicians with no real agenda for the middle class or the poor. 
How many crocodile tears will flow at the GOTEA convention?

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