Sunday, June 1, 2014

"We Support Our Troops"

  Barack Obama 2008: "Fulfilling a Sacred Trust with our Veterans"
Reduce the Claims Backlog: There are currently over 400,000 claims 
pending within the
Veterans Benefits Administration, and over 800,000 claims receipts
 are expected in 2008 alone.
 VA error rates have also grown unacceptably high: 
over 100,000 cases each year."
This is just one example of why I can't vote anymore.
I don't listen to any politicians promises of what they are going to do, 
because they don't. 
Now Eric Shinseki has stepped down, oh goodie, because 
now the problem will finally be addressed. Right.   
According to what I've been reading the VA problems were a "known known" 
since 2005.
Like the gun massacres that occur too frequently, despite Americans outrage,
nothing gets done. 
 Would it be too much to ask to put someone with some medical knowledge 
in charge?
 Maybe someone experienced with healthcare systems? The system is 
broken and it probably wouldn't help.
 General Shinseki's resignation won't fix this problem and all of the apologies are meaningless. 
We have had two major wars that we never paid for. Does anyone think that part of the economic
 problems in this country have been because we just put these wars on the tab?
 The same with veterans healthcare.
We can keep the banks going with $85 billion a month, but we can't take care of our veterans. 
Let's see, how many scandals now? The NSA spying on us all and probably on wounded
vets as well. The unbelievably flawed rollout of the ACA, the IRS controversy, investigating 
Tea Party groups along with the Occupy movement. Why can't the government keep it's 
promises at the very least to these people willing to serve this country?
 Just keep downgrading the budget and hold up funding, 
or just keep cutting, which is only part of the problem. Having a corrupt system where it was
 KNOWN that the VA was cooking the books, lying about veterans wait times is just vile.
 But what is worse is that no one acknowledges the traumatized soldiers
with severe wounds, physical and mental. How stressed they must be trying to get basic care.
 How depressing that must be for them. 
Any politicians outrage about this scandal is a bunch of hypocrisy. 
They've known about this for years. 
They're too busy carrying water for their corporate masters. They should all resign, not just Shinseki. 
The problem is the system, Shinseki resigning isn't going to fix it. 
I guess we all go back to not giving a damn about veterans until the next time. Keep it up with 
the meaningless yellow ribbons that's a billion dollar industry for someone to profit from, 
probably made in China. 
These veterans were sold a bill of goods and went to war for the profit of giant corporations.
 Just wait till the next war that comes along, follow the money and the free market will win the day
 and rake in the cash,
meanwhile vets go homeless and without care.



  1. And "Support the Troops" is usually just code for"Support the War"

    Until VA hospitals become the first line of defense, I don't see anything changing.

  2. "I didn’t use the word troops, I used the word military, and I think [giggles] they refer to the same thing.” Mitt Romney
    The Military-Industrial-Complex are people, my friend!

    No one really cares about Veterans or the Servicemembers.