Friday, July 4, 2014

Independent From Reality

Holidays like the 4th of July are marketing tools for big Sales Events! There's nothing more American than shopping and retail opportunities. Wierdly, our economy GDP went down 2.9% this year. We have all kinds of good news because of the jobs report. This was my favorite article about the jobs report. Jobs Report: U.S. Economy Added 288K Jobs In June, Unemployment Dropped To 6.1%
Here's the best part; "People seemed to be sitting on the sideline in terms of purchasing behavior. Clearly the consumer is back in the market place.”  Really? “Perhaps the only disappointment might be that average hourly earnings growth remains subdued,” Yep the consumer is BACK! Despite the fact that wages aren't.
 I was looking at this chart. I am not sure what the heck is going on with unemployment. There's supposedly all these jobs, but no one is saying what kind of jobs and what about the wages? We went into the July 4th weekend with a great jobs report, but I don't see any evidence of economic recovery. The stock market hit 17,000 somebody's making money, but it's not we the people. We broke away from Britain only to be tyrannized by banks and corporations. I wonder how much money they will make getting us involved in Iraq all over again? There's nothing like a war to extract more profits.
 Children are swarming here, because America has a reputation for rags to riches greatness. These children know they will be able to stay and it could take years for immigration to track them down. They will probably become part of the shadow economy, maybe their relatives already are. Someday maybe they'll get paid under the table, by some shady employer who doesn't care how they get cheap labor. We are a nation of immigrants, but hardly anyone realizes that the only "real" Americans are Native Americans and look what we did to them.  We all think we just magically came to America. Many of us have refugee roots. We've got some vague idea of religious persecution causing people to come to this country, but even more came because they were economic refugees. There was no way to survive in their own country.
Most Americans are so economically stressed they only see others as somehow ruining things for the rest of "us" and there's just not enough to go around. I think if we can throw off the corporate burden we are all struggling with and try something other than this so-called 'free market" that is destroying people, then we could have a chance at taking back this country. Because right now, I don't see a whole lot of liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I see people working way too hard for less, leaving nothing left for 4th of July sales.
I don't know about the rest of you, but I'd like to feel like I have something to celebrate. It says a lot that unaccompanied kids are running to America, because they think we are a kind country that helps children. I hope we live up to their expectations, because millions of Americans are living in poverty so corporations can prosper, doesn't bode well for them.
                                                           Happy Fourth Of July!

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