Saturday, October 8, 2016

Accidentally At War?

Two people, Hillary and Trump.
We are actually supposed to believe that is what this so-called election is about? Hillary's deleted emails and Trump's misogynist tape?
 Not even close.
Here's the set-up; on Friday, (why is it always on a Friday?) three things happened. First, was an email dump, then almost simultaneously, President Obama comes out with a seriously weird accusation against Russia, notice the details, he didn't name Putin, it's just "Russian officials". Then we have a #Trumptape, the media has known about for over a decade, this is released on Friday too.
Are we really supposed to believe this is random?
Because it's not.
The scariest thing isn't that moronic Trumptape, because anyone who didn't seriously know how Trump behaves is probably an entitled white male who thinks abusing women is a game. I've spent my entire life fighting off these clowns, it's nothing new. Another thing that's not new?
How about a war with Russia?
Like I have been predicting for years now, war is on the horizon, I don't need a magic 8 ball to tell me that either. If you are a defense contractor, or you own shares in Raytheon, Boeing, Blackwater, Lockheed, Northrup, Booze-Allen, you are part of the problem.
We have surrounded Russia with troops and arms and Georgia will be next, come winter. You have to ask the question, who profits from this? How many people have to die?
Clapper off!
First, lets take on Mr. Clapper, who is the fallguy for this Russian accusation. He is a known liar and told the Senate that the NSA did not collect information on millions of Americans, he committed
perjury and of course, was never prosecuted. On his say so, we aren't even supposed to question if
Clapper is lying about this 'Russian intelligence" accusation. How stupid do they think we are?
The irony of the NSA spying on people and leaders worldwide, then, Obama gets pissed off because someone might be doing it to us? Hey, here's an idea; let's mind our own business in America and none of this would be happening. It's ludicrous and insulting. Hillary Clinton carries water for Obama, this Russian b.s. won't stop once she gets into office.
Then there's Secretary of State, John Kerry, it boggles the mind what he says about Russia;"Russia and Syria Must Face War Crimes Investigations" Who is he kidding? Has he heard about the WMD lies that we told to invade Iraq, not to mention the U.S torture, flouting the Geneva Convention? We don't have a leg to stand on accusing any country of war crimes. So why do you think he's doing it? Another reason to go to war with Russia no matter how flimsy it is.
Why? Why now?
Could it be that the fear of having Trump in office during a time of war might scare people off Trump? Suddenly, there's a sexist tape released that could have been shown at any time, but yesterday, when those emails of Hillary's came out all of this sh*tstorm came about like some kind of cosmic accident. The oligarchy wants Hillary, they want a war, they don't care how they get it. Even if Trump got in there, he'd have to tow the line like Obama did when he got elected in 2008 and reneged on every promise he ever made. I bet that if things look bleak for Hillary, a very  disliked candidate, Obama will push the war button, it's been building up since the U.S. failed Ukraine coup.
None of this is an accident.
Hillary's emails and Donalds #Trumptape, it's a distraction, that's all. It's bread and circuses. But war with Russia is no joke. We are poking a bear. It's all the proof we need to know that the Oligarchy and the Pentagon are charging down a dangerous road no one in this country want's to go down. China will have Russia's back in this. The forces running this country don't care. We will be the one's caught in the cross hairs of this exercise in futility. But hey, if war is your thing, vote, then see what happens.


  1. DMC sez:

    I've started thinking of them as "Trump and Judy"

  2. Well, it IS a puppet show! Lol