Thursday, October 20, 2016

American Horror Story

 I guess we're all going to be kept in "suspense" for a while longer. Why not? It's almost Halloween!
It's an American Horror Story!
Since when have election results been unacceptable?
Like, maybe the 2000 election with Bush and Gore and hanging chads?
I guess we can just deal with this horror of an election, it's the right time of year for it.
In the span of a week Julian Assange has had his wifi shut down. Obama told Trump to "stop whining" Michael Moore, who was all in with Bernie, sold out to Hillary with a movie about how "progressive" she is, called "Trumpland" Maybe next to Trump she is, but she's no where near Bernie Sanders, We all know how the election was rigged against him. If Trump says the election is rigged I mean why not? The whole thing is a joke.
For the life of me, I just have no where left to go from here. From Donald Trump saying he just grabs woman, and quite a few saying he did, to Bill Clinton's womanizing, the Podesta Files and Hillary's Goldman-Sachs speechifying. I can't wait for it to be over.
I mean then what's going to happen? Nothing is going to change with either of these New York players in office.
So here's what I do instead of watching politicians lie; I work on an Autumn drawing
I make my own soap, I made this batch for Halloween;

I've been a whole lot more creative this election season. It's way more productive and satisfying!

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