Monday, October 10, 2016


Hey, it's Columbus Day! I guess maybe there are still people out there who don't know that Columbus had no idea where he was, almost 400 years ago. He raped and pillaged his way around the new continent. He wasn't the first one here. But this country's so dysfunctional, "we can't go back" and correct the lies and propaganda that have gone on for almost 400 years. There's no damn reason to keep going on with this con of Columbus and how courageous or whatever he was supposed to be, He took slaves, he murdered, he was looking for gold. But hey, there's a Columbus Day sale and "a sucker born every minute."
This country was born on a con. We conned the Native Americans out of their land and we still do it today. Slave owners conned a country into a Declaration of Independence where, "all men are created equal" We still have made no reparations to the people we enslaved, we just move onto the next con job.
It took over two hundred more years for a Civil Rights Act to be made into law.
Is it any surprise, that we have one of the biggest con men of all time, Trump, trumping us all?
 I was thinking, what is it about the collective conscious of some Americans that identifies with him so much? One of the archetypes I thought about was this guy; Henry the VIII
Grab thee a Tic-Tac?
The only reason Trump hasn't chopped off someone's head, is
it's against the law, but there doesn't seem to be any laws for Donald Trump. I bet if he could, a couple of his wives might be headless, instead of mindless.
Trump told Hillary "You would be in jail"
Kind of like off with your head!
So who is Hillary? She's no Elizabeth the 1st, Maybe we need to go further back to the Greeks; perhaps Persephone. I think maybe, she's closer to Margaret Thatcher. Truly frightening, Trump  and Hillary, I would never wan't to be near either of them. They are people I feel deeply uncomfortable with. How comfortable was anyone with last night's debate?
 It was just another con job,
There are so many aspects of America, that just aren't working at all. People know this on an instinctual level. I believe this is why many people, look at Trump as some kind of messiah figure. It's all surface. The people who will vote for Trump, don't care that he's got a supply of Tic-Tacs, in case he see's a woman he wants to grab.
Since the Bernie-backdown, others are left with Hillary, so it's a choice of yet another dynastic Presidency. That is some choice.
It seems appropriate that yesterday, on a Sunday, a Federal Court came out with a decision that the Dakota Access pipeline will continue. So the corporate control of this country will continue, we will continue to abuse Native Americans, like we always have. Like Columbus did when he "discovered" America.
The narrative in the mainstream media is will you vote for Trump or Hillary? Email dumps or #Trumptape? I don't hear any reporting on the people who refuse to watch this spectacle and call it a "choice." Only 9% of Americans chose Trump and Clinton. 88 million Americans don't vote at all.
57.5% of Americans voted in the last presidential election.
If I actually voted, I feel like I would be voting for the Dakota Access Pipeline or voting for Trump to continue not paying taxes, even though I pay.
 Clinton will continue on with a Syrian War and droning other countries, maybe even a war with Russia. You might as well vote for the Pentagon. We know the government is way beyond giving a damn about Americans, let alone act like a functional government. I am not consenting to the American governments actions and that's why I am not voting, there's millions more like me who want nothing to do with accepting the unacceptable. It's a con.

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