Tuesday, November 13, 2012

General Betrayus

Some women can't resist a man in uniform.
Oh wow, General "Betrayus" had an affair. Guess what? No one cares. There sure is a lot of outrage though, especially in the media, I guess they don't have much to report on now that the election's over. Rebuilding after Hurricane Sandy, well, that's kind of boring, who wants to watch someone throw all their crap to the curb and wait for FEMA? Not American journalists, especially when there is scandal in the air. When something so absurd, like a married guy having sex with someone besides his wife is headline news, it makes me wonder what we should really be looking at.
There is a real scandal, it's called Afghanistan.
Back in 2010 General Petraeus sure had a hard on for the U.S. strategy for Afghanistan stating that it was, "fundamentally sound"
Does anyone remember this? On April 23, 2008, Secretary of Defense Gates announced that President Bush was nominating General Petraeus to command U.S. Central Command (USCENTCOM)*
I wish I knew why a Bush appointee is head of the CIA, but President Obama, for some unforeseen reason has kept a lot of Bush cronies in his administration.
The General is the leading expert on counter-insurgency terrorism in the country. Weird, that the General is now terrorized by this scandal that will probably ruin his career.
But, I digress.
I know, now we have an exit plan for the war Bush started, that never should have happened. American men and women are still dying, but all the attention is focused on this stupid affair. No one is outraged by another unfortunate American son or daughter who dies on Afghan soil. That war was barely mentioned in the elections. It's like it's already over, except for the people who are still fighting it, and the veterans who live with the consequences every single day. We just passed Veterans Day, with gratitude to the people who fought and still fight for our country. Our gift to our veterans? A leader who's a disgrace, not because he had an affair, but because he was Bush's puppet, parroting strategies that were and still are wrong. But no one is going to acknowledge that. The MSM is all over pointing out how wrong the Generals behavior is, in their puritanical war on sex. The real scandal is the death and destruction going on in Afghanistan. In America, war means never having to say your sorry.


  1. Not saying I really care, because, I don't, but the thinking is, a spy type is venerable to revealing secrets if compromised with sexual favors. Since he is our chief spy, he could do a ton of damaged if that were to happen. So, this is a major revelation. No doubt he resigned because he would have been asked to do so anyway by the president...or been fired.

    Added to that, of course, is the fact that, as you point out, the press is on the look out for fresh meat every day, being the whores that they are.

    I feel sorry for his wife and family, but not him.

  2. Yes, point taken on the national security issue. But that has been so compromised since Plamegate, I wonder if he even though of that? I bet you anything, this isn't his first affair, just the first time he was caught.

  3. Listen up, folks. Let's get serious.

    We all desperately need to debate whether it was Petraeus' first affair or his fifteenth affair, and whether he once went to bed with a green eyed dominatrix and a sea turtle. As for Afghanistan, that's only one of the annoying distractions from the serious business of keeping track of what other people are doing in bed.

    There's also the fiscal cliff, the civil war in Syria, our nation's rotting infrastructure, the rising seas, the A-bomb that Pakistan owns, the one that Iran's building,,,well, you get the idea. It's getting so noisy in the news, it's hard to keep track of the wild bounces that the Petraeus story will take next.

    Civilizations earn the collapse they get.

    Very, very crankily yours,
    The New York Crank

  4. This is great. Now the CIA is the military's hit man/drone pilot, and the now ex-head of this hit team is the ex-top military general in the Afghanistan debacle. ...and he gets taken out by a sex scandal. And used a high school level scam to hide the email trail... The level of stupidity is beyond my comprehension.

  5. Like Crank says, what people are doing in bed is serious business. This way, we can crucify people with their idiotic emails, sexting, tweets, etc. I sure wish Boehner and McConnell would have some tawdry affairs then we could get rid of them too.