Thursday, November 15, 2012

Miscarriage Of Justice

Whatever you do, don't have a miscarriage in Ireland. Whether you,  personally are Catholic or not, you can't have an abortion. Even if it's medically necessary. Even if it would save your daughters life, your sisters life, your wife. The lives of women are worth less than an unborn fetus.
There is going to be an inquiry investigating how this woman could have died of blood poisoning, being repeatedly refused an abortion, after having been told her 17 week old fetus would not survive.
It sounds like the Catholic Taliban is running Ireland.
This is just another example of how deadly religion can be.
The woman who died, her name was Savita Halappanavar.  She was of Indian descent. Guess what? Not a Catholic! That doesn't matter. She might have been better off going to Belfast. Belfast does have an abortion clinic. However the Abortion Act of 1967, does not extend to Northern Ireland. If you need an abortion, get the hell out of Ireland. They really go Medieval on it.
Methinks there is going to be a great big lawsuit over this. But will anything actually change? It sounds like Rick Santorum is the Chief  of Gynecology and Obstetrics over there. How many woman have died in this country of Catholics, because they medically needed an abortion?  I wonder if any women will be in the "independent investigation"? Since it's a "Catholic country" I guess only Catholics will be investigating. Sounds ludicrous, but there you have it. Science and Biology don't seem to count for much, since religion and the sanctity of the womb, trumps sanity. Withholding medical treatment on religious grounds, usually, this happens when a parent prevents their child from receiving medical treatment. In this case, the patient requested medical treatment and was denied by the doctors, in a wierd religious reversal, that cost this woman her life. Maybe some doctors will lose their jobs, maybe the hospital will lose a lot of money. Because of their inaction a family lost a daughter, a wife, a sister, a niece. A 17 week old, non-viable fetus, was more valuable than the life of this woman.
RIP Savita


  1. I don't have a problem with God; it is his fan club that I can't stand. Pat, it never ceases to amaze me that people can be completely rational about everything except religion.
    The bible-thumper right did a number on my faith - I used to do mass every Sunday (I am Presbyterian (catholics without a Pope and pedophiles)- alas, no longer.

    Excellent post!


  2. Should it be the doctors that lose their jobs, or the lawmakers (and clerics) who tied the doctors hands?

  3. Sarge, I am an ex - Catholic, I did not raise my daughters in the church, for many reasons. Most important, the birth control issue and the use of condoms to prevent the spread of STD's. Also the fact that women have no power in the church. Then there is the horrific pedophile scandal. I had an uncle that was a priest and an aunt that was a nun. Both of them were wonderful people. But I just couldn't tolerate the blind allegiance to a faith that was so wrong in so many ways. Funny enough, my dad is Episcopalian now.
    Kirk, they should all lose their jobs and perhaps some jail time. Any doctor that allowed religion to get in the way of saving his patient, is a criminal to me. I was married to a doctor. I never knew of a case that he had where religious views were an issue. He was a resident in a Catholic hospital, as far as I knew there was never anything this extreme going on there. He was an Anesthesiologist, and presided over every kind of surgery, obstetrics or other wise. He was a Catholic too, but that was never a thought in his head when he was practicing medicine. It was always, what would be the best outcome for the patient. I think it's pretty clear, when a patient is miscarrying. You save the mothers life. Especially when the pregnancy is not that advanced. I have known women who have had miscarriages, that unfortunately had to be terminated, they went on to have successful pregnancies and full happy productive lives. Unfortunately, for this woman, that was not even a thought in their head. This is clearly, a case of malpractice.