Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Stuff It, Bill O'Reilly! Rove Is Crying!

People want "things". Yeah it's true! They want "things" Like decent, affordable healthcare. They want "things" like food stamps and Medicaid for our fellow citizens that are less fortunate. We want the same rights for the LGBT community that everyone else has. We want kindness and acceptance for the immigrants who come to this country. We want you to stay out of our vagina's.
So good bye, Old White Man and your outdated, outmoded way of thinking. Now, if only we could vote Fox News out of existence. That "stuff" needs to go. I don't want any of that "stuff"!
 Oh dear, white man Karl Rove couldn't believe that Obama won Ohio! Guess your assault on voters rights didn't work out to well.
Whether Fox New's believes it or not, ROMNEY LOST!  The "Decision Desk" even said so, but Rove was still crying because his numbers weren't adding up, not only do Republicans not believe in science, they don't believe in math either. Fail Karl Rove, when you said "there's only 900 votes in it" and literally 5 minutes later the update comes in saying Obama is 30,000 votes ahead. I hope that Rove's career is over after spending over $300 million on a losing candidate. "A cautionary note" for Rove, surely. Now would you please crawl back under the rock you came out of and leave civilization to pick up the pieces of your 2 corrupt administrations of George "Worst President Ever" Bush. O'Reilly can follow you with his lily white tail between his legs.


  1. No time to gloat. I would assume neither Rove nor Republicans will long lick their wounds before they set about revising their strategy.

    A common mistake is to underestimate one's enemies. I had the feeling in this and the previous election that the Republicans did not want to win, given the second-string candidates they put up against Obama. Kings have always kept ministers to take the blame for their mistakes, misadventures, corruption and general theft, which is pretty much the role that Republicans and their sponsors are giving to the Democrats vis-a-vis the Republican supported financialization and deindustrialization of the US economy.

    The real core of Republican power is in the misnomered "public" corporations, which largely operate outside the sphere of popular political contest and public control, and which are working assiduously to remove more and more of the life of the nation outside of such control and contest (e.g., privatization or what in the 17th century was called enclosures). The Republican political operatives are mostly second-rate shells put up by the corporate leaders, who stay largely out of sight, to make the state more and more serve private interests.

    The key elections anyway are the off-year elections where Republicans take advantage of low voter turn-out and use wedge issues to get control of state and local governments -- and thereby all their assets and resources -- along with the re-districting process, which allows them to keep control over the House of Representatives, even in presidential election years.

  2. Coyote, (My Catholic upbringing,using your English name)thank you for your excellent points. The Republicans, indeed, may have wanted to lose, not with a minister, but with a Bishop. (Mormon)
    However, trying to blame Democrats for the financialization and deindustrialization of the U.S. economy, I can only take that to mean Clinton's unraveling of the Glass Steaglall Act. Which led us into this "Great Recession". Along with Bush's unfunded wars and lovely tax cuts for millionaires.
    Your point about 17th century "enclosures" is particularly insightful. Since no public system, would survive, vis-a-vis Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps, "entitlements". Privatization would be a money maker for Republicans or Democrats also.
    You are right about the key off year elections. They have the most control over our property taxes, and so much more. That is "there's the rub". Living in New Jersey, with the highest tax rates in the country. Hamlet seem's more pleasant, than what we are dealing with now. To sleep or perhaps to dream..