Friday, November 2, 2012

Shelter From The Storm, Bush In The Cayman Islands

Oh gee, who was giving a speech in the Cayman Islands Thursday night? George Gilligan Bush.
My bad, looks like he actually can leave the country.
Bush really has an uncanny knack for escaping natural disasters by taking to the skies and when he decides to come back to earth, it's never good. It does come to mind that Mitt Rmoney's Cayman Island offshored accounts have been out of the spot light lately.
Tax shelters, Swiss bank accounts and where exactly are those tax returns anyway?
Never mind!
George W. Bush submitted 9 years of tax returns. John McCain? only 2. It doesn't take a mathematician to add up the tax benefits from the 8 years of the Bush administration and why there isn't much financial information from Romney either. Oh the benefits of an island jaunt, not just for you, but your cash too.
Maybe George "Worst President Ever" needed to escape the horrifying memories of Katrina as the U.S. tried to deal with the wreckage of Sandy. A trip to sunnier skies and $4,000 a plate dinners were just the ticket. While "Shrub" sips Champagne (whoops! he's not allowed to do that!) and nibbles on Fois Gras, I imagine his thoughts wander to the little people in New Jersey and New York. Yeah Right!
Just like he flew away from 9-11 and flew over Katrina and finally landed to pat "Heckuva Job Brownie" on the back. He flew away from another natural disaster, in search of friendlier skies.


  1. I read in the link that the media is shut out. That's all right. Cayman Islands says it all. What an asshole.

  2. He was a crappy public speaker anyway with all his smirking and laughing. I think we're lucky there's a blackout. God only knows what new words he'll be making up. Didn't read anything about him helping relief efforts in regards to hurricane Sandy. Then again we all know how useless he was during Katrina.