Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Republican Brotherhood

There's been a lot of controversy over  the Muslim Brotherhood's Muhammad Morsi's actions in Egypt. What a lot of people don't know about The Muslim Brotherhood is that it is severely conservative. It is a lot like the most conservative part of the GOP. That would be the American political equivalent. Some Republicans would find that very attractive, say a Republican like Grover Norquist. Norquist was the director of the Islamic Free Market Institute, which was partially funded by a group called the SAAR Foundation, it was dissolved after being raided by Federal agents because of it's ties to terrorist activities and The Muslim Brotherhood. Yeah, all American Norquist, Mr. Conservative, took money from an Arabian millionaire who was funding Al-Queda*. That's old news, so is the fact that Crossroads GPS, Karl Rove's non-profit donated  $4 million to Norquist's American' For Tax Reform fan club.
There's an article in the Philadelphia Inquirer about Norquist and his tax pledge influencing American policy. He and Rove missed the message that voters sent in November along with his handmaidens, Boehner and McConnel who are in denial too. I guess they didn't miss the message, they just don't care. They would rather jump off a political cliff than raise taxes on the wealthiest 1%.
The U.S. rank  in income inequality is the extreme end along with Camaroon, Madagascar, Rwanda to name a few. Actually we are more on a level with China. Egypt's and Tunisia's revolts were really about income inequality. If something isn't done about this issue perhaps the United States will be next.
It makes me angry to know that Norquist, Rove, Boehner and McConnel are willing to destroy this country rather than raise taxes on the wealthy. We haven't had income disparity like this since 1774.
Kevin Drum wrote about the latest idea for revenue in Mother Jones about getting rid of tax brackets for the rich, which pretty much throws some rich people under the bus in order to favor the super rich. What's happening is that any way the Republicans can find to not say they raised taxes, to save face, that's what's they might go for. Basically this country is being held hostage by conservative ideology  despite the fact that most Americans don't agree with them. Meanwhile, these fake fiscal conservatives allow defense spending to skyrocket. Republican's are not going to raise taxes on the rich. They will let the Bush tax cuts expire, the easiest choice for them is to do nothing, it's easier for President Obama too. I guess it's doomsday and we're headed for the fiscal cliff.

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  1. Once the poor and middle-class has been bled dry, the rich may end up being the only ones left for the super-rich to exploit.