Sunday, December 2, 2012


With the holidays approaching you would think Republicans would be in a more festive mood. After all they have had Christmas for over ten years. 
Instead they are going to try and screwge us, Dickens style, with their  Victorian economics, like the ghost of Christmas past, when there was no such thing as climate change, abortion wasn't legal, healthcare basically didn't exist along with antibiotics. You know what else didn't exist back then? Pensions, like the ones the Republican's get when they leave office. When was the last time you heard of someone getting hired somewhere and getting a pension?
 Boehner and McConnell act like the election never happened. In Victorian times, a black man couldn't  become president. Meanness and being tightfisted ruled the day, Republicans are like characters in a Christmas Carol, or any of Dickens books. They are the Tories of yesteryear.
30 years of tax cuts. How has that helped the economy? 
Thankfully, today, unlike Victorian times we have phones. How about we call McConnell and tell him what we think of him?  502-582-6304 in D.C. 202-224-2521 or how about Boehner?  937-334-1524 IN D.C. 202-225-6205. The only problem I have calling them up, is trying not to cuss at them. Email Boehner @  McConnell @ . Let 'em know how we feel, share the hate.
If sequestration goes into effect we stand to gain over $700 billion in revenue and defense cuts. I think Boehner will cry when that happens, the defense cuts will hit the money making machines of both parties.
It's time for the U.S. to stop living in an Upstairs, Downstairs world.


  1. Is Tiny Tim on Medicaid? There goes his crutch.

  2. Lol Kirk! I think Tiny Tim would have a Jazzy chair. But you're right, can't get a crutch with vouchers.