Sunday, December 30, 2012

Mooch McConnell, The First Turtle/Human Hybrid

Did Mitch McConnell get kidnapped by aliens? Where is the man who's goal was to make President Obama a one term president? This, coming from a guy who could never be president.
However, he is up for re-election in 2014.
I guess it was about a month ago when he filibustered his own bill.
That's why they pay him the big bucks.
The US is coming upon a completely manufactured debt crises. He says he's "bent over backwards" trying to solve the country's fiscal problems. Proving, once again, that anyone can say anything and we are supposed to believe it's true. I have always thought that no one would do anything as far as the fiscal cliff is concerned. It is easier to just let the Bush tax cuts expire, because McConnell will never raise taxes, for any reason, ever.
I don't like to get into discussions about "good" versus "evil". The exception is McConnell's case. He represents the state of Kentucky. Where I used to live. I have seen first hand, the poverty there. Not only poverty but  privilege. The disparity in Kentucky is a microcosm for rest of the country. The poorest of the poor dwell in poverty stricken Appalachian Kentucky. The wealthy 1% are in bluegrass Bowling Green horse country.
 Where do you think McConnell is on the first Saturday in May**, otherwise known as Derby Day? Not hanging out with coal miners in "Butchers Holler" that's for sure.
Senator McConnell is a member of the Conservation, Forestry and Natural Resources Subcommittee. Can anyone say strip mining? Kentucky's mining industry has made parts of that state an unnatural disaster that, well, no one cares about. Especially not McConnell. He's also on the Subcommittee for Energy and Water Development. Which pretty much  explains why their will be no alternate form of energy development since that would not help wealthy coal mine owners. I don't know if you know this, but there's a war on coal. The coal industry was pushing Romney for president, that industry also says President Obama's environmental policies were "killing coal". Most of our coal is going to China now. So, coal will live to see another day and leave it's carbon footprint worldwide, like it always has.
Senator McConnell is obviously not concerned about anything other than maybe, Grover Norquist's tax "pledge" of allegiance. McConnell has some kind of reputation of being the behind the scenes "legislative bargainer" Really? He filibustered his own bill. McConnell is known as "the cleaner" or the guy who fixes the mess that others leave behind. He should really start with his own state, but apparently he's got more important things to do in DC. However I'm not holding my breath waiting for McConnell to do anything about the country's debt problems.
There's some talk about Ashley Judd running for senate against Mitch in 2014. Which is one of the reasons why the senator won't do anything when it comes to raising taxes on the very wealthy. The Senator from Kentucky is incompetent at best and this guy is supposed to be brokering a "behind the scenes" deal? It doesn't take a lot of imagination to see who will be getting the short end of the stick y'all, in any deal McConnell strikes.
Fun McConnell facts:
He's worth $17 million
The Citizens For Responsibility and Ethics has named him one of the 15 most corrupt members of Congress*
He's married to Elaine Chow, Department of Labor Secretary under Bush. Her father's a multi-millionaire with connections to the highest levels of communist China. Thanks for all that "free trade" Mitch, all those American jobs going to China? Coincidence?
McConnell needs to be unemployed, along with a lot of other American workers. Who the hell would vote for him in 2014? I don't know if Ashley Judd would do a better job than him, she couldn't do any worse.
Since we haven't heard much from Mooch McConnell, I'm guessing he's laying low in his turtle shell, so everyone else can go over the fiscal cliff.
*Mitch McConnell - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
** I owe Sarge a Mint Julep for setting me straight on what exact day Derby Day is.


  1. Great post! I detest McConnell and his obstructionist conduct. There was a plan put forth to convert the dams along the Ohio River to hydro-electric - McConnell would have no part of anything that would impact Peabody Coal Company and impede their campaign donations. I do expect McConnell to see some serious competition in 2014.
    Slight coorection: The Kentucky Derby is held on th first Saturday in May - not always on May 1.

    Colonel Sarge
    Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels

    That "honorable" shit might be stretching the truth some...

    Oh, and fuck UK!


  2. Oh I messed up that one Sarge! Got no love for UK either. Din't know that about the dam conversion project, but I'm not surprised by McConnell's behavior.

  3. What better place than the Kentucky Derby for a horse's ass?

  4. I am holding my breath and hoping that Harry Reid and the democrats pass a procedural vote on the first day of the new Senate that requires a Senator to stand and talk when he or she declares a filibusterer against a bill.
    the Ol'Buzzared