Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Rich People Problems

In the land of the rich, where Republicans live, they are busy trying to reinvent themselves as the compassionate party. Here is a quote about Paul Ryan at the Jack Kemp leadership award event the other night, "Ryan made clear that he would be making poverty in America a central part of his political message as he weighs a presidential campaign of his own."
How is he going to do that? With welfare reform of course! Can't these politicians come up with anything new? Of course, the American people are supposed to swallow more lies..check this one out:
“We have a compassionate vision based on ideas that work – but sometimes we don’t do a good job of laying out that vision. We need to do better,” Ryan said. Hey, wait a minute, that is new. I didn't notice Ryan or Romney being very compassionate when it comes to the 47% and by the way, your "vision" sucks you can't take garbage and lay it out better until it suddenly smells like perfume.
Rubio was at the same event, sharing his two cents worth, ‘‘Not so long ago, even if you didn’t graduate from high school, if you were willing to work, you could find a job that paid enough for you to buy a home, start a family and eventually send your kids to college and a better life,’’ Rubio said. ‘‘Those days are long gone, and they are probably not coming back.’’ Well he's right there, only he forgot to add that even if you graduated from high school or college, there are not enough jobs. I wonder where they went? Since those jobs are "not coming back" that means they went somewhere. 
Ryan is now concerned with poverty. Rubio  says in days of yore, you could get a job without a high school diploma. I wonder if they see any connection? Because unemployment leads to poverty, actually it's the fast track to poverty.  Rich people outsourced jobs and money with their corporations and tax breaks. 
Meanwhile, in D.C., the fiscal cliff just won't go away. The Republicans got busy and wrote a letter
Well, it looks like John Boehner's secretary wrote it, but whatever, I still am having trouble figuring out what the Grumpy Old Party is proposing. So far it looks like this.
$900 billion in cuts to Medicare and Medicaid
$200  billion in cuts to Social Security
$300 billion in cuts to discretionary spending
$800 billion in new revenue.
What? "new revenue?" Yes, "through pro growth tax reform, closing loopholes and deductions while lowering rates" How the hell can they lower rates any more?  I am so sure the lobbyists are just going to disappear while congress closes loopholes and deductions. What kind of crack is Boehner on anyway? He wants to cut billions from social programs and lower rates.  The letter states that "they are ready and eager to begin discussions on how to structure these reforms" I'll just bet they are. I don't think any one else is as eager as they are though. I don't know how long Boehner's been in that tanning booth, I think his brain might be fried. He called President Obama's plan a "La la land offer" weird, since that seems to be where he lives.
The reality is that people don't want social programs messed with. So far, what I can see is that Ryan and the rest of the Repubbies agenda is ripping apart whatever is left of the social safety net. Then privatize them for their rich donors. However that is not what the American people voted for, despite the fact that wealthy Americans tried to buy the election, they lost. However, they still think they can ram their agenda, down the 99%'s throats.


  1. Wait, did I hear the term "compassionate conservatism"? Isn't that what the Shrub called it when he cut taxes on the wealthy? Silly poor people. They'll believe anything. Look at how well the "Trickle Down" theory worked... with the emphasis on trickle, while the flood of money flowed ever upward.

  2. You want a logical position from the Republicans?

    "We don't need no stinking logic."

    Very crankily yours,
    The New York Crank

  3. Capital, ipso facto, belongs to Capitalists.

    Poverty belongs to the Poor.

    When Republicans use the term Broaden the Tax Base, they mean breaking the middle class and bowing their backs to support more taxes so that the Rich may stand atop Us.