Sunday, December 9, 2012

Republican Bi-polar Bonfire

Seriously, I can't believe anyone can be a Republican. 
Chris Christie, this week asked President Obama for 100% funding from FEMA to offset the cost from Hurricane Sandy. Also, in the same week he vetoed state legislation to create a health insurance exchange because he wasn't sure how much it would cost, throwing it back to the federal government, I am guessing he wants the federal government to pay for that too.
I thought "big government" was a big problem for Republicans.
Meanwhile, former Republican Charlie Christ, decided to become a Democrat because he is fed up with the Republican Party. Shades of Arlen Specter. Am I really supposed to believe this guy wants to be a Democrat? Or is he out of money and needs a job as a politician so he'll flip flop and say whatever he has to, in order to run for the Senate or Congress, or whatever office he can, so he can get a big government salary and government benefits like healthcare.
What is it with shady behavior and Republicans?
In another bi-polar move, Mitch McConnell filibustered his own bill.  McConnell went to Harry Reid and asked for a  vote to raise the debt ceiling,  when Reid got a caucus together to support the bill, it went to the floor for a vote. Then McConnell refused to vote, objecting to his own bill. Dick Durbin ( D-Ill.) said it might be the only time in Senate history someone filibustered his own bill. I really think this guy needs supervision from a psychiatrist and chemical management. 
Like any dysfunctional relationship it is exhausting trying to make sense and find meaning when words do not fit actions. It seems like Republicans have no boundaries. The only thing you are guaranteed from them is to outlaw abortion and birth control. Oh yeah and human rights. In another astounding turn of events, Republicans voted against  a U.N. Treaty extending the Americans with Disabilities Act worldwide. (Legislation that Bush signed)  Republican Senator Bob Dole asked them for support of this 
So basically nothing will get done in Congress or the Senate. Republicans won't vote for anything. Period. Like a tantrum throwing 2 year old, they are gonna lay down and cry until they get their way, except no one knows what that is.
A headline in the Daily Telegraph, "The Senate vote on the UN Disability Treaty shows the pitiful state of U.S. politics." Proving that we are a laughing stock to the rest of the world. The UN bill has been ratified by 126 other countries.  I can only imagine what the"fiscal cliff" negotiations are looking like with these gasbags. I wonder if Chris Christie will get the FEMA money he's asking for if Republicans have to actually vote for it?
 When will this jackassery end?


  1. What we need is term limits - McConnell, Reid, McCain, Kerry etal are all way past their shelf lives.


  2. So true Sarge, maybe it could be on the next election ballot. I would rather vote for that than these assclown politicians.

  3. I had to laugh at that no-chin McCarbuncle filibustering his own bill. You're right, they have no boundaries, or even common sense. They are completely owned by their corporate sponsors.

  4. Omg! McCarbuncle! He's a boil on the butt of humanity, for sure. That was the best laugh I had all day Jim, thanks!

  5. The Republicans are bi-polarizing.