Friday, December 21, 2012

Plan B.S.

It should be painfully obvious by now that the Fright Wing can't get their sh*t together. In another moron move by clown car driver Boehner, he introduced "Plan B". I like how Republicans can have a "Plan B" but women who need emergency birth control to avoid an unwanted pregnancy, can't have a "Plan B" as an option. So, in order to try to avoid an unwanted fiscal cliff, Boehner and Cantor assured everyone they had enough votes for their "Plan B" which did not have enough spending cuts for Paul Ryan, since Boehner is desperately trying to save all of those government defense contracts for all the lobbies paying him, they were not a part of the plan.
Now all we have to do is wait for the fiscal cliff to go into effect on Jan.1st, then the middle class tax cut bill will be introduced and the Rethugs will have to vote for that since that's the only thing they will vote for. (usually for the top 2%).
According to what I read in the Guardian, Boehner was "publicly humiliated" by his own party. He is living in some delusional world, where he can just throw down and everyone in his fractured fairy tale just goes along with it. I seriously don't know what he hoped to accomplish with this latest stunt, other that to make himself a laughing stock. He's been one for a long time, but now it's just getting worse.
This bill, according to what I read was a way for Republicans to cover their asses so when the Bush tax cuts expire, they could say they tried, but uh, well, they didn't. This reminds me of the old Churchill quote about "Americans will do the right thing, when they have exhausted all other measures" Only Republicans don't care about doing the right thing. They just do their thing, then they'll throw the middle class, the poor, seniors, the sick, veterans, you name it, under the clown bus they drive.


  1. The GOP is about to fall off its' own cliff.

  2. So the speaker backtracks on the original legislation that was actually causing progressives to panic because it looked like Obama was caving to conservative demands... then changes strokes for Plan B, which was a batshit crazy moonshot designed to keep his lunatic teabagger caucus in line. Turns out, he didn't have the votes he needed (and what speaker calls for a vote when his own party doesn't support his bill?) so he has to crawfish back up under a rock with a Marlboro and a bottle of Scotch.

    Meanwhile, as the GOP clown car bounces off of one guardrail and into the other ditch, the American public gets to watch the NRA's idiot-in-charge suggest we need more guns in our schools to solve the gun problem.

    If this wasn't so tragic it would be hilarious. But the fact is we're facing a subjective, completely manufactured economic collapse while House Repubs flip off the country, and gun nuts are snatching up every assault rifle and box of ammo Wally World has in stock.

    Sometimes I wonder if maybe a deranged shooter going berzerk in the House of Reprehensibles might not be a good thing...

  3. Well, another tragedy Squat, is that the Capitol building has way more security then any public school. The Fright Wing Rethugs are very safe in their million dollar bubble in DC with their perks and healthcare, limo rides and martini's,laughing all the way to the next lobby meeting. Boehner belongs under a rock with a dried up cheroot he scrounges from the gutter and a bottle of Thunderbird to join him under a pile of newspapers. One can always dream on the longest night of the year. It seems like the longest year ever between the Republican clown show we have seen and at least 4 tragedies caused by guns and mentally unstable individuals. However, you will never hear the GOP call for saner gun laws or healthcare, including mental healthcare for all Americans. Because they just don't care. You are right, they have flipped off the country. Kirk and Jim, I am hoping they will be at the bottom of a cliff and it can't be soon enough, they do remind one of Lemmings.