Saturday, December 29, 2012

Legitimate Rape?

What I carried with me for the past two weeks, was this. The gang rape in India, of this innocent woman. It is so sad , but what's really sad is that, it isn't unusual. This is personal for me. I have someone in my family who was gang raped, but she survived. I held her hand in the emergency room after it happened. I don't get real personal here in this blog, but this is real. For any of us who have daughters, sisters, mothers, even grandmothers. Read the rape statistics
I can't imagine, what is going on in Syria or worldwide. It is everywhere.
In our own country. Rape  is legitimate. Rick Santorum. "make the best out of a bad situation"
Todd Aiken legitimate rape.
Thank God for Tori Amos

When, will this ever stop? I only know that when I was in the emergency room, with  my cousin, this is what I sang to her.

It still breaks my heart.

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  1. Pat,
    We had a creep rape a child two doors down from the most notorious bordello (Ho house) in Evansville. The girls working there stated off camera that they would have serviced the man for free. Go figure...

    Oh, you missed Evansville's village idiot - Richard Mourdock...