Sunday, November 11, 2012

Republican Civil War

The scariest thing about this guy? He is third in line to the White House. He doesn't care that President Obama was re-elected and the American people have spoken. He wants to keep the American economy from improving, by saying no to everything the President wants to do, in an effort to keep Republicans in office or elect new ones in 2014.
The last time the "fiscal cliff" leaped to our attention, President Obama wanted to use Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid to induce the Republican Party to compromise. A Democrat, actually wanted to cut what is left of the social safety net. All in an effort to get a party that will not negotiate, to agree to Obama's "Grand Bargain". I do not have much faith that the President will not do this again.
President Obama does not have to agree to anything Boehner or McConnell suggest.
It's called an Executive Order. He has used it 139 times. George W(orst President Ever) used it a total of  291 times and neither Boehner or McConnell cried about it. They didn't cry about the deficit either. Both of these scumbags have no problem with the supposed end of the world apocolypse of "the fiscal cliff". This supposed fiscal fiasco is due to the GOP catering to the wealthy and corporations who are sitting on billions of offshore money that is not taxed. Then there are the Bush tax cuts that favor the 1%.
The only thing that the GOP WILL do, is create a way for the middle class to pay more taxes, while privatizing Social Security, the banks can't wait to get their greedy hands on it.  If anything like this happens, then we will know who President Obama is really working for.
It seems to me, the only thing that the GOP could agree on was getting rid of President Obama, they failed, at a cost to the American people when they could have accomplished something during an economic crises. Why in the world do these twits keep getting elected?
There is a lot of speculation that there is some kind of internal Republican civil war going on, since they had such an epic fail this past election. I don't care about that, they deserve to implode. What concerns me the most is the outright rebellion and traitorous behavior to this country these two men preside over. It is not going to end just because the American people spoke. The only thing they care about is money and the next election.
Lets see if President Obama will do the right thing and stop compromising with people who do not put our country first, who would see it destroyed, rather than allow the President to have any success moving this country forward. I am afraid, with McConnell and Boehner in office there will be little chance of that happening.


  1. I am with hell with trying to placate the bastards. It's time to call them on their shit. Let's hope that having been given a second term, a terminal term at that, the president will get a pair and bulldog his way past the obstructionists.

  2. Let us hope that the GOP has been chastened by their defeat. Let us hope even more that Obama has been emboldened by his victory. But I'm not hlding my breath for either to happen.

  3. Well, it looks like at least three people want the President to do the right thing. When is he finally going to lose patience with the Speaker Of The House and just go over his head and do what needs to be done?