Sunday, October 7, 2012

Indignant, Indignados

While we all are debating the debate here, this is what is happening in Spain. Protesters tried to occupy the Congress. They call themselves "Indignados" or Indignant's. They are protesting against the austerity cuts that are happening in Spain. The budget has been slashed for education, health care and subsidies that employ thousands of workers. Spain has received over 100 billion euros as a bailout to prop up the banking system. They are tired of the two party system that no longer represents them. In anticipation of receiving more funds, Spain created austerity measures.
Notice the people are suffering, not the banks that created this mess.
I have watched this video many times, and there are quite a few things that got my attention. First is the militarized police, the way they beat their fellow citizens with those batons and it looks as if there is no rhyme or reason for who they drag off. Most of them are trying to run away and not attack the police. Check out 1:14 where a street fightin' man kicks a cops ass. My favorite part.
Now, what can politicians in America learn?
When you force the people you serve to suffer cruel budget cuts and threaten to fire Big Bird, people get pissed. People are already angry. I have every expectation that shit will go down, mob style, if Americans get fed up enough. So go ahead and vote for Rmoney, and watch the fireworks, Guy Fawkes style.


  1. Unfortunately, I think you are right. The anger factor has not been taken into account by the hell-bent-for-destruction right.

  2. Jaded, I fear that it will take nothing less than a revolution, that will make the 60's look like child's play to get the corruption out of this greedy, self serving government of ours. There's enough blame to go around on the left and right, except the right is more brazen and extreme about it.