Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Unholy Alliance

I Hope This Nice Couple Has Health Insurance.
Will it be sickness or health? Richer or poorer? Who will be addressing these inequalities, I wonder? Supposedly we are either one party or another, when we are really either the 99% or the 1%.
Where exactly is the left and where does it belong when the Republican party is the far right and the Democratic party is center right?
Joe Biden heads the Middle Class Task Force. Haven't seen much action on it, so I am not sure if the task is over, since the middle class has been wiped out and will he mention that?

Paul Ryan wants to voucherize Medicare, Republicans want to end the social safety net we have had in place since the last great economic disaster. There was a reason for that. Reason, seems lost on Paul Ryan. Atlas just shrugged and walked away, because he's got a bad back and he knows Ryan's voucher plan, would allow insurance companies to take the healthiest people's vouchers while the other not so healthy, are on their own to choose between food and healthcare.
Can you say Death Panel? From Forbes "the Ryan plan simply gives responsibility to bureaucrats inside the insurance industry, assuming they know better. Yikes!" Pretty Spooky.
While Fox New's brand of American Fascism, continues to court the Confederate States of America, which is what the Republican Party has become. Their leader exported American business to China and sheltered his money in Switzerland and the Cayman Islands. This is the  best The Republicans could do, Mitt for Brains, and his side kick, Eddie Munster.


  1. Yeah he is, a monster that is made up of dead parts, with dead ideas.