Thursday, October 4, 2012


I didn't watch much of the debates last night. Had to go to bed early, because of my job. I got a look at the opening arguments. I did notice Romney came out on the offensive, while the President looked kind of irritated. From what I have read and seen in the aftermath, I'm glad I didn't waste my time. First I want to talk about Jim Lehrer.
In my last post, I noted that with the exception of Candy Crowley, it's old white guys moderating. I wasn't surprised when I read this. Apparently, he couldn't control the discussions on Medicare, health reform and Dodd-Frank. Granted, with all the waffling around and brazen back-tracking of Romney's, it's hard to stay on track. Considering, when asked outright about his voucher system, Romney just answered "there will be no change for current retirees".
The consensus is that Romney did well, Obama did not.
It just kind of reminds me of Charlie Sheen and "winning!" There's nothing of real substance going on, except for a lot of double talk.
Why was there no mention of Romney's 47% percent remark?
Why not at least ask why he only gave 2 years of tax returns?
What I thought was the most amazing was Romney's comment about Obama "providing  more trickle down economics." That takes balls, coming from a Republican. Especially after his apology to Lehrer about cutting off funding for PBS, which would basically do nothing, for the deficit.
There was no mention of poverty, no mention of the fact that someone working a minimum wage job has no way to afford healthcare. That is completely ignored.
The perception is that Romney went from a moderate Republican to a hardcore Conservative to a moderate Republican again. So, if you can win a debate looking like a better liar, well, "winning!"
Romney said that Obama doubled the deficit, this is not true, but he won't be called on it. Obama lost the debate by not challenging Romney more, He acted like people already knew about all Romney's lies and didn't bring it up and he should have.
Romney's going to close loopholes and deductions for his tax plan, but he doesn't say which ones or how. He says he will replace Dodd-Frank, but doesn't say with what. He say's he's going to replace Obamacare and leave all the good things that are in there, so don't worry.
The New York Times states "the accuracy of campaign statements has emerged as a campaign issue." Really? How?
The moderators can't control the conversation during the debates, Romney lies and says what he wants. President Obama allowed Rmoney to trickle down all over him. 

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