Sunday, October 21, 2012

Tagg! You're it!

Maybe I'll Steal The Election To Do It Too!
Just in case you think your vote counts, you might want to read this. Republicans taking issue with voter ID laws, alleging voter fraud, have no problem with Mitt Romney's family (mainly his son Tagg) investing in voting machines. This company, a subsidiary of Solamere, called Hart Intercivic, provides the voting machines used in swing states, Colorado and Ohio. So, it's okay for a presidential candidate to own the voting machines AND for his party to make it harder for people to vote.
8 civil rights groups in the supposed "Land Of The Free" have  asked the Organisation of Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), to observe our elections. They are not expected to participate in observing our democratic process. It's good to know they have so much confidence in our democratic system, because we all know that an election could never be stolen by the brother of a presidential candidate. Right?
Is it possible that a son of a presidential candidate could steal an election for his father?
Also, Tagg Romney is being sued as part of the $8 billion Stanford Financial Group Ponzi scheme. He started Solamere, after his old boss at Stanford  was caught by law enforcement, Tagg and his former boss are named in a lawsuit for selling CD's as part of an $8 billion Ponzi scheme. Anyway, it's only money, and the Romney's have plenty, so it's not like Tagg will go to jail or anything.

There's already been a scandal around whether or not votes are being manipulated.
(See  "Hacking Democracy" )
It's no wonder so many people decide not to participate. I wonder how many people in Ohio and Colorado know who owns their voting machines? This election is so close, I am afraid it is going to turn out like the Gore-Bush debacle of 2000. We all know how the Supreme Court voted on that one, thanks to Jeb Bush's "hanging chads."
It's going to be even more interesting now to see who is going to win Colorado and Ohio. Thank goodness our elections are free of corruption and we don't need anyone to observe our democratic process, since we are above all that.


  1. Hi Patricia. If a man can cheat, I guess he'll try, but I can't blame Romney for this. How did thr respectful Election committees ever let this happen?

  2. J.O.B., I am not sure if you are talking about the Federal Election Commission, which oversees campaign finance reform. It enforces limitations on campaign contributions. It's being suggested that the DOJ investigate. (I know, don't pee your pants laughing) The states have control over where they get their voting machines, not the federal government.
    "If a man can cheat, I guess he'll try". That's not someone I want to vote for, doesn't sound very Christian (Mormon?) to me. As for not blaming Romney, well it's hard to blame someone, when you don't know what they stand for and they change their mind on healthcare, birth control and abortion when it suits them. I think Romney should have saved his money, because I do believe he is going to win.

    1. I was talking about the election board or whatever it is called in local governments. The one that oversees the election process in each municipality.

      BTW- I think you might have answered your own question.
      "As for not blaming Romney, well it's hard to blame someone, when you don't know what they stand for and they change their mind on healthcare, birth control and abortion when it suits them."

      So Patricia, isn't it quite obvious what Romney wants. He wants the presidency, and he'll do/say whatever it takes to get it.

  3. It's actually an illustration of the growing intelligence of the American Voter. In 1980 Reagan just had say "There you go again..."

    In 2000, Republicans had to send out Brooks Brother Goons to stop the florida Recount and quickly get the Supreme Court to vote 5-4 for W.

    Now, in 2012, they need to suppress the Vote, put up Billboards alleging prison time, get Billionaires to tell their employees Vote Romney or You're Fired, and buy Vote Counting Machines in order to Steal the Election.