Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Invisible Obama or Invisible Bush?

Photo purloined from Daily Kos
Clint Eastwood's chairscepade is now a meme, all over the "internets".
I don't know if anything can top the empty chair Clint Eastwood dragged out.
I am looking forward to one interesting speaker tonight, former Florida Governor and Republican, Charlie Crist. This guy is interesting for a couple of reasons. One is the rumors that he is gay, McGreevy style, (see the movie "Outrage" 2009) the other rumor is he likes to drink. Big deal, so does Boehner. So Crist is kind of a dark horse, he is also known for expanding voting hours in Florida. A big no-no to the Republican party. In 2007 he held a summit on climate change.
Julian Castro, mayor of San Antonio, (I didn't know there were any Democrats in Texas) will be the first Latino to give the keynote address. Interesting, since other speakers (like Barack Obama) became president, but that may be having to many expectations. Cory Booker will be speaking.While I admire this guy for actually living in a crappy neighborhood in Newark, and running into a burning building to save a woman's life. He's made a couple of poor choices. Now he took out an ad supporting the President and spelled his name wrong.
So far no fundamentalist religious freaks. I wonder how many times the name of God will be invoked? Will anyone talk about zygotes rights? I don't think so.
I hope that there will be speeches about how much President Obama achieved in 4 years. He gets very little credit for the things he did get done, despite Republicans filibustering EVERYTHING.
What I really would like to see addressed is workers rights. There are a lot of Unions that are upset with the location of the DNC in Charlotte, the least unionized state in the country. So I am guessing that unions and a living wage will be left out of the conversation. I guess we can continue to work 2 or 3 jobs to support our families, if, you can get them. Lets hope that there is a plan for jobs. Romney sure didn't have any specifics on that score.
The biggest concern I can see, is the lack of enthusiasm for the President, compared to 2008. I am not sure that this convention is going to be able to inspire them out of their disappointment over the things the President did not achieve. I think that Bill Clinton's presence will say a lot.
I really didn't think the person in Clint Eastwood's chair was President Obama. Especially after he mentioned Afghanistan. A war that George W. Bush started. I know we aren't allowed to look back, but, I think his name should be mentioned again and again. It seems to me the damage Bush did to this country is not acknowledged enough. I know we need to move forward, but unless we are willing to look at the past, and hold those that were in power accountable, how can we heal the wounds this country has sustained? Certainly not by electing another Republican.

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