Sunday, September 23, 2012

Tumblr's Got Mitt's Number

Seriously, there's a lot of s%#t goin' down on the internet. First is the ridiculous tan Rmoney got in order for him to look darker on a Latino network  interview. If Romney thought that being a black woman would get him elected he would get a sex change and tan even darker. Will Willard even remember what his positions are when the debates come around?
He really lives in such a rarefied world where whatever idea he grabs onto, he runs with it.
People really are hatin' and it's everywhere. Tumblr had 8 million reblogs about how they think Mitt the Twit sucks
I wonder how many of those 8 million will vote?
He is in such damage control mode that he thinks releasing 1 year (that's right 1) of tax returns is going to make all the speculation go away.
 The latest is that the President, has over 88 million to spend and Romney has somewhere around 35 million in the last 6 weeks of the election. Republicans have basically given up hope. Just wait for the Robotic dim-witted Romney in a debate with Obama. One of the reasons Gingrich did so well, during the Republican debates, is because Romney didn't.
Romney's business success was at taxpayer's expense, and I wish that was brought up more. His businessman BS destroyed American companies and people's lives
 Romney has revealed himself to be racist, sexist, and elitist. I am hopeful that the American people will vote accordingly.


  1. Excuse me a second. I'm laughing at the image of Romney getting his testicles cut off for that sex change operation you mentioned.

    There were a couple of good articles by Matt Taibbi and Tim Dickenson in Rolling Stone a while back about Romney's business dealings and the subsequent bailout by the government.

  2. Yeah, he should have them cut off, for the lives he's ruined, while he offshores millions of dollars and then he's gonna give us a "summary" from his accountant. This is the best the Republicans could do. Now when someone tells me they are voting for Romney I laugh at them. I am huge fan of Matt Taibbi and read everything he writes.