Sunday, September 30, 2012

Romney Will Make Sesame Street A Dead End

I am not sure if anyone knows that one of Rmoney's goals if he  is elected is to gut the National Endowment For The Arts and defund PBS. This is the kind of art that he supports.
This is really two portraits. Check out scary Queen Ann.

I was interested in the artists who were supporting Romney  It was fascinating and somewhat predictable as to who was endorsing him. Ted Nugent, is no surprise, since he's a total gun whore and known as the "Motor City Madman". He's crazy, and crazy rich people vote for the GOP.
Porn star Jenna Jameson was a surprise.
She thinks voting for Romney is really good for rich people, she's right about that. However, Romney might really be f*%&#d with her endorsement. Scott Baio actually campaigns for him, so does Orson Bean, who was also Andrew Breitbart's father-in-law. Who knew?
Oh yeah and the Osmonds and Vince Mc Mahon, he's crazy too. Rednecks like Jeff Foxworthy love Romney. Oh yeah and Clint "Crazy" Eastwood.
I didn't see any painters backing him. Except maybe the guy who did the portrait. Who knows how he really felt about his sitter. I think I know how he felt about Ann.
Notice these are all white people and they are rich.
Romney also promised to put filters on every computer. Really Jenna? You're going to vote for this religious freak? Just because he doesn't talk about his magic underwear and weird religion doesn't mean he's not freaky. He's pretty much screwed any way from all the stupid s#*%t he's said and done during his campaign. I can't wait for the next stupid thing he says. The debates should be hilarious
At a time when the U.S is undergoing a demographic shift from majority white to majority people of color, Republicans are still electing white people. They aren't interested in progress or change. It isn't in their best interest. They need to purge their party of crazed Fundamentalists and Tea Party wingnuts and their agenda of hate.


  1. I'm surprised about Orson Bean. I remember seeing the political satirist Paul Krassner--who's on the Left--on Cspan's Book-TV a couple of years ago giving a reading at some book store, and Orson Bean was in the audience. Bean seemed to be enjoying Krassner, and it was apparent, during the Q+A session, that the two men knew and liked each other. Plus, I think Bean was blacklisted in the 1950s. They didn't usually do that to conservatives. So I'm a bit puzzled about that.

    As for Clint Eastwood, somebody in the comment section of another blog that I read made the observation that an old white guy arguing with an empty chair was the perfect metaphor for the Republican Party.

  2. Yes, I am sure that there were a lot of empty seats at the Republican convention. I read that they paid people to sit in them, because it looked too empty. We already know Romney had a tantrum on his Univision interview because no students wanted to be there and he wanted to bus in his own supporters. I am sure that at a lot of his appearances, there are many empty seats, he better get used to talking to them and follow Clint's example.