Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Righteous, But Not Self Righteous

After watching Ann Romney's speech and Michelle Obama's speech. From "I love "you" women" to real personal experiences of having NOTHING to being First Lady. I didn't get that from Ann Romney. Despite her assurances that she was a coal miner's daughter.
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 Tammy Duckworth's speech was amazing, and I was overwhelmed by this hero. Especially since the Republicans never mentioned Afghanistan. I didn't notice anyone of her stature at the RNC. Nancy Keenan's opening about the Republicans not "understanding how women's bodies work". Let alone our minds. Kal Penn was also impressive, loved what he said, working for “a boss who gave the order to take out Bin Laden and who’s cool with all of us getting gay married.” “So thank you, invisible man in the chair, for that,”
Stacy Lihn and her experience at the mercy of healthcare before Obamacare that will surely save her daughter's life. Deval Patricks masterful speech, citing the President's job record in 4 years, compared to George W. Bush's in 8 years in office. Romney “talks a lot about all the things he’s fixed, but I can tell you Massachusetts wasn’t one of them,”
Lilly Ledbetter's heartbreaking story after decades of being paid less than men, that made more money, simply because they were men.
Julian Castro was a welcome surprise. He was raised by a single mother and a grandmother who immigrated from Mexico, his comments on  Republican Mitt Romney, whose policies Castro said would "dismantle" the middle class if elected. And that Romney has undergone a "makeover and it isn't pretty. The 'borrow money from your parents" Like we all have parents with  money, really?
Martin O'Malley "Forward not back" was appropriate about going back to the record job losses under George W Bush's presidency, that  we would go back, way back, under a Romney/Ryan administration. At the end of the night Michelle Obama really did shine. The work she has done with military families and childhood obesity, I didn't notice Ann Romney talking about sitting around the table talking about their son's middle school problems.When Michelle talked about the President reading letters from people writing about their struggles, saying "this isn't right". No it's not right. But when you look at Ann Romney and Michelle Obama. Sorry Republicans, but Michelle is righteous.

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