Sunday, September 2, 2012

Lunatic Fringe

What a crazy week. We had a blue moon on Friday, maybe that affected the looney behavior of Clint Eastwood, at the RNC. It really was my favorite moment. It just goes to show how out of touch Republicans are, I just hope Clint is okay, and he's not sliding into an Alzheimers twilight, because what he did was crazy. The people who attended the RNC, clapped for candidates who outright lied and said facts are not going to get in their way, well they are crazy too. Then they clapped again, for Clint Eastwood's "chairscepade".
I read somewhere that they paid people to attend the event. Nothing would surprise me. That would explain a lot. I guess if someone was paying me I would clap too, maybe throw in a whistle.
Thinking I might find a sense of sanity, I try to read Mother Jones, here's an article for you. It's about Ben Bernanke, and he is warning Congress to stop stalling and holding back the economic recovery. Um, that sounds kind of crazy to me. Congress LIKES the way the economy is. They have engineered it to fail so President Obama would not succeed. The economy we have now is a direct result of The Speaker of The House, John Boehner, his crazy co-hort Mitch Mconnell, and the other crazies in the Tea Party. Nothing has been done by Congress for the economy since 2010. So how does a Great Depression scholar, who went to Harvard and M.I.T. who is obviously not stupid think that his admonitions to Congress will do anything? Nothing is going to happen until the election is over. It is common knowledge. They don't call it a "Do-Nothing Congress for no reason. So" heckuva job there Benny". Just another example of more craziness, maybe the blue moon got to him too. Good thing there's not another one until 2015.
Photo by, Kotofeij K. Bajun

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