Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Time For Mitt To Quit.

Lets go back to February, when Romney originally said he wasn't concerned with the poor, because they have a safety net. He let us know class warfare against the moocher-victims was on. Oh yeah and the middle class makes $200,000-$250,000, he obviously does not understand what middle class is. But he's probably not concerned with them either.
How does he think moochers have enough of an income to pay taxes? I don't know what Romney did at Bain, I wonder if he had to use logic or math?
How much welfare did Mitt's moocher family get? Let's talk about the welfare Mitt's moocher family got when the family emigrated back from Mexico. "George Romney was born in Mexico and was 5 years old when a revolution forced his family members in 1912 to flee their Mormon colony and seek refuge in the United States. The Mormon exiles lost their homes, farms, and most of their belongings, were welcomed by the United States, and benefited from a $100,000 refugee fund established by Congress
Guess what? You really didn't build that Mitt. Maybe helping refugee's isn't a good idea. If moochers like his family didn't have access to American money and a country to live in we wouldn't have to put up with his smirking, sneering, viciousness. Guess why they had to go to Mexico? "The reason that George was born in Mexico is that his grandfather - Mitt’s great-grandfather - had taken refuge there in order to escape US laws against polygamy. It was this family patriarch, Miles Park Romney, who established the colony and lived there with four wives." A real life episode of "Sister Wives", before there was TV!
Romney's Moocher remarks
Update: It looks like Jimmy Carter's grandson was responsible for the vid of Romney being released, good job! http://www.freep.com/article/20120918/NEWS15/120918075/Jimmy-Carter-s-grandson-arranged-Romney-video-s-release


  1. William Kristol suggested today that Mitt might step down and give Repubs the "Ryan-Rubio tickete we deserve". And David Brooks referred to Mitt as "Thurston Howell Romney".

    Only Limbaugh and Michelle Maulkin see a silver lining to this train wreck of a campaign, and if that isn't proof you've jumped the shark, nothing is.

    He's toast. Stick a fork in him, he's done.

  2. Wow! It's amazing. Romney let all the cats out of the bag that Repugs didn't want us to know about. It doesn't matter what they do, no one in her right mind would vote for them.

  3. Romney's become a parody of the GOP.