Thursday, September 13, 2012

"There He Goes Again"

Maybe it's just me, but I am not sure how it is, that Romney gets to give a press conference about the tragedy that happened in Libya. Anything he can do, including using the deaths of  Americans in foreign service, he will utilize. He is really bad at any sort of foreign policy. His disastrous trip abroad proved it this summer. If corporations really are people, he really proves that he is nothing more than a corporate robot.
The obscure movie that set off the chaos going on in Egypt, Libya and Yemen, reeks of some kind of set up. In 1980, Jimmy Carter was dealing with the US embassy in Tehran and the hostage taking of Americans, which ultimately led to his down fall.
From what I saw, Romney was smiling 10 different times during that press conference. When are people going to get that this guy is nothing more than an opportunist who "loves to fire people"? What's even weirder is was this his decision to make these comments or was it his party's?  It seems as though Romney enjoys using other peoples misfortunes, for his own purposes, which proves he is a sociopath. Just like the incident when he pinned down a classmate, just for the fact that Romney didn't like him. I am certain that this election will get even uglier. What's even worse is that there are Americans who endorse this behavior. Romney's grasp on foreign affairs seems woefully inadequate, who's to say his understanding of domestic affairs will be any better?


  1. I was more offended by the smirks than by the hateful bullshit he was saying in between them. When American soveriegn territory is under attack and our Marines and diplomats have been murdered at a consulate, shouldn't criticism of our current administration be put on hold? At least until the blood has dried on the pavement?
    This guy is beginning to scare the shit out of me. I really am starting to see signs of mental illness in some of his reactions when under pressure. That fake little smile he pops on after every response is Pavlovian, and it reminds me more of Hannibal Lector than Churchill.

    We should ALL start to take this shit a lot more seriously and make certain this guy doesn't end up in the Oval Office.

  2. The whole thing seems to be backfiring on Romney. Even some Republicans have criticized him.

  3. Squat, he's a sociopath, and it is a mental illness. The whole thing makes me sick.He has no compassion or remorse. Kirk, I haven't read any blowback from the GOP yet.Some of them called out Akin too and went on their merry way devising the next scheme in their war on women. Maybe there is one thing we CAN count on. It seems like every reaction Romney has is an epic fail. Somehow I don't think that will stop. Looking forward to the debates.

  4. Romney's entire career has been profitting upon the misery of other Americans. Of course, he doesn't think there's anything wrong with him using these murders. He feels he can smirk his way to the White House.

  5. There is no relief from the morons and the rich. They need to be overthrown. Is there a pit deep enough?