Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Aroma Of Fresh Baked Yellow Cake

Oil Pipeline, Somewhere In Iran
Earlier this month, Obama lost one of his toys in Iran. Now Iran has some officials bragging that they could shut down the Gulf of Hormuz with the greatest of ease. America warns Iran that blocking oil strait will 'not be tolerated' | World news |
October 17 of this year Iran announced that they had produced their first batch of yellow cake uranium in their own nuclear easy bake oven. Israel was crying about that, and every time they cry, we have to hold their hand and dry their tears. So now the Iranians are having  naval war games. I guess no one likes that either. Also no one is allowed to have nuclear weapons. Especially no one who can shut down oil production.
Follow the petro dollars. We didn't get Iraq's oil, so I guess now we have to go after Iran's.
We've got covert operations insinuating themselves into the Green Movement. Obama's losing drones over there and practically giving away our technology. The Iraq War has officially ended. We still have one in Afghanistan but, they don't have oil. (they do have a lot of other resources we can use like lithium, and other minerals) The military industrial complex is not going to allow itself to go silently into that dark night. That beast needs to be fed. If this economy continues to worsen, and it probably will, then maybe we need another World War to create jobs for a populace that is increasingly impoverished and uneasy. Or else, another distraction from the real problems we have here. Corporations could only make more of a profit from war. It's a win-win. Except for one thing, Iran is way more powerful than Iraq. I don't trust any of the idiots in D.C. to do anything but what ever the corporations dictate. In an election year, with a war weary population, it wouldn't be very smart to embroil ourselves in another conflict. They may be idiots in Washington, but they're not fools. This thing may be on the back burner. Just bake and insert drone in center to test for nuclear readiness.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Tis the season to be appalled.

Well look who is telling us there's too much bling in Christmas.
That is really so ironic. Check out the pope's "superficial glitter", how many hungry people could he feed by auctioning off that preposterous hat and crazy nightgown he wears. It makes me really angry. Didn't he take a vow of poverty? What I really love is how the Vatican sits on billions of dollars worth of priceless works of art. While the faithful around the world, starve, die or just struggle to get by and these blowhards lecture us about commercialism? They've pretty much turned Jesus into a brand and convinced  people to give the church untold amounts of money. I think if they sold everything and gave it all to the poor around the world a lot of our social problems could be alleviated. Somebody should occupy the Vatican. Maybe a gang of molested altar boys should run the place. Now that's what I call justice. I grew up on my knee's, every Sunday wasted, in a place I always knew was just plain wrong. What a waste of time. Now this jerk in a pointy hat gets to tell us all about the evils of commercialism. There's a special place in hell for him. He has all that power and money and doesn't do anything to solve the problems he seems to care so much about. Humbug. And a pox on him. By the way, the painting is Bosch's Garden Of Earthly Delights. You should check it out. He had no love for priests or politicians. Looks like pretty much nothings changed.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Hitch and Havel

Christopher Hitchens died this week, along with Vaclev Havel. Men that I admired, still do. I was a huge fan of Christopher Hitchens. I believe he was a genius with the written and spoken word. I loved his politics, his support for Salman Rushdie when the fatwa was issued against him. All of these things and his wonderful books, what a body of work he left behind. Vaclav Havel rode the Velvet Revolution of 1989 as a Czech dissident. An accomplished writer, he wrote numerous successful plays, and he was President of Czechoslavakia. Two amazing voices are gone in a week. Also the Iraq war died this week. Something I never admired. Causing untold  misery for years to come. Families decimated, war veterans not being taken care of properly. Iraq in ruins. Mission accomplished for Rove, Cheney and Bush and all their minions. Christmas is a week away, the New Year  is almost upon us. I wish peace for the families of Christopher Hitchens and Vaclav Havel. Peace for all who have survived and those who did not in the Iraq War. Surely we can do better this year. If only we'd give peace a chance.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Dying Democracy

Chris "Country Wide Free Mortgage" Dodd is throwing it down, Chris Dodd's Defense of SOPA Makes Him Sound Like a Despot - Technology - The Atlantic Wire
This is exactly what I have been fearing for quite some time. Alexei Navalny, a Russian blogger was arrested. For dissent, dissemination of information, and protesting the elections there. Russian blogger Alexei Navalny in spotlight after arrest - The Washington Post
How long before it happens here? This is no accident. Before  all those legislators, go on their christmas vacation, they will finally enact something, and this is it. Piracy, really? This is all about the next election, Occupy, and the progress they have made, and information anyone can access about the corporatocracy. Maybe I am being too extreme. I don't think so. If they pass this, freedom of expression is over on the internet. We are all in this together and the powers that be know it. "To hold a pen, is to be at war" Voltaire wrote that, in 1748. Now we can say "to type, is to be at war". So be it. We are in a war, make no mistake.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Corzine Connection

True to my "Jersey Style" philosophy  "Crybaby Corzine", Jersey's former governor was subpoenaed by the government to appear before, of all things, the agriculture committee. Here's why, MF Global traded in commodities and futures, I'm talking about pork bellies and oil anything that can make the working class pay more for stuff that should cost way less, like heating fuel and food, Stuff that is no longer counted toward the cost of living or inflation. But I digress.
I heard all this on Friday on my way to work, (I know, lucky right? but that's another story) immediately I am thinking, who is he involved with from his old company, Goldman-Sachs, someone who looked the other way? Thanks Matt Taibbi for this Jon Corzine's Relationship With CFTC Chair Gary Gensler Probed | Matt Taibbi | Rolling Stone
Oh, Poor Johnny, crying about how in moments of stress companies "look for triggers that would enhance the oversight of organizations during those times" Well if the trigger is a regulator friend of Corzine's, I am guessing that the trigger named Gary Gensler isn't going to spring into action. Just a guess.
Next week he's going to be testifying in front of the finance subcommittee. And interestingly enough the Dodd-Frank Bill, that is supposed to be expanding it's responsibilities, has been gutted, by budget cuts CFTC Budget Slips Away; Staff Cuts Expected | FDL News Desk
This way whatever was going to happen, in the way of improvement for companies like MF Global, well nothing is going to happen now, as if anything ever was. And I don't know if anything is going to happen to "Crybaby Corzine" either. I also really got the stench of a Bernie Madoff ponzi scheme, when suddenly money is missing, and lots of it, where, oh where could it be?
I really like this local article  Corzine expresses regret, but stands strong throughout testimony on collapse of MF Global |
I love the part about Corzine "stands strong" even when he was being evasive. I am not sure, but it seems like being evasive is not a sign of strength. But it's definitely a sign of the "Jersey Style" strategy, to avoid any responsibility, for anything more than a few Jello shots and some fist pounding, when you leave D.C. on your private jet, back to the Jersey Shore.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Occupy Christie!

I just saw Christie in Iowa get shouted down by Occupy.
He pretty much proved to me what a douche I already knew he was. I live in the great state of New Jersey. My taxes are outrageous, and they're paying for his salary as governor. It used to be when you were elected to public office that you called yourself a public servant. My dad worked for the government and that's what he always called himself.
Since when did these politicians get so full of themselves? There is no compassion or empathy anymore for the people these politicians serve. Apparently Christie has never been out of a job or evicted because he couldn't pay the rent. It's pretty obvious he never goes hungry. But picking on his weight problem is too easy. I can't believe he didn't take the Repugs up on their offer to be president. Probably because he knew he'd lose. "Just work it out". If you can actually find work, that is. In January I get to fight my tax assessment. They assessed me at $100,000 more than my place is worth back in 2006. Unless your motivated or smart enough to fight the system, you too can pay taxes from 2006 real estate values. Thanks Christie, for proving to me that there actually is a behavior I like to call "Jersey Style" the definition is; ego driven, selfish and ignorant. This has been my experience with people in the "Garden State". It's like living in another country. And now I get to watch Christie belittle people in Iowa too. At least he's consistent

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Russia and Amerika

I have some readers from Russia. (Spasibo!) And I wondered what was going on in their world. So I decided to do a little poking around. I found this article - The Russian state and surveillance technology
Seriously disturbing. Apparently the Russian government is remotely spying on bloggers and social media. Because of complaints from companies i.e corporations. God forbid you piss them off. Anyway according to what I read it is not "a question of national significance" meaning there is no reason the government should be interested in what bloggers and other social media are doing. Because corporations own the government they will do ANYTHING they can to crack down on people they consider dissenting or disseminating information. This is really bad, for all of us. In our own country we have another net neutrality vote coming up. Essentially our own legislators are just going to put the final nail in the net neutrality coffin and outright give the internet to corporations who already control way to much media. Actually, George Bush's FCC gave away the internet, our tax dollars paid for, to greedy corporations. They have voted on this bill I don't know how many times now and they keep trying to sneak more of their dirty dealings through. Some brave Democrats keep voting against it, but who knows what will happen. If we lose our freedom on the internet we are seriously screwed. If Russia is using drone programs to archive bloggers and shut them down, it won't be long until it will be common place here. Our government already has the power of the Patriot Act, we are already under their microscope. All you bloggers in Russia keep blogging! Don't let "the man" keep you down!

Saturday, December 3, 2011


Hermie Cain is such a great guy! Sure wish I had a friend like him! Such a shame he's not going to be running for the Republican party. Now he's got some "splainin" to do. He actually said his wife understood the "situation". How "Jersey style" is that! How many women? How much money? I think he's giving Clinton competition! Here's what I'm wondering, when is Newt gonna throw down? I'm REALLY curious, what's he hiding? This is the best Republican race ever!