Thursday, August 30, 2012

Ryan's Dope

It takes my breath away, the amount of lies Paul Ryan told last night. It shouldn't have been any surprise and it's nothing new for politicians to lie to us. I think what is new, is the technology that allows us to check what he says within seconds. It was not only what he said, but  what the Governor of Oklahoma, Mary Fallin said. According to her, the great American dream in her great state came true without any help from the government. People settled there and worked hard. (I am presuming without the Homestead Act). I wonder if she thinks that Oklahoma was empty before white settlers began moving in?  I wonder who could have relieved Oklahoma of it's previous Native American occupants?
Then there's Condolezza Rice's speech " We cannot lead from behind" Really Condi? The way you led us into a war with Iraq ? Lying about WMD's? "The ultimate sacrifice of many of our bravest?" The bravest that didn't have to be sacrificed you mean? It really is sickening.
Before Romney starts lying tonight, read Matt Taibbi's excellent piece about Romney, Greed and Debt: The True Story of Mitt Romney and Bain Capital | Politics News | Rolling Stone
It is really eye opening. Matt really nails it when it comes to the cold, calculated Mitt. No one has ever tried to get elected on the big lie that Romney has, that he is just a cardboard cut out, flip flopper, a great business man that has created jobs by saving companies.
So let's go back to Paul Ryan, "Our right's come from nature and God, not government." Like dog eat dog? Those kinds of rights?
We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.*
That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, 
They love to trot out the founding fathers, but they forgot to dust off the Declaration of Independence.
There were other errors, blaming Obama for shutting down a Wisconsin GM factory before he even got into office. How he really doesn't say how the poor will be paying through Medicaid cuts and cuts to other social programs in order to keep the Bush tax cuts going, and the money flowing to the 1%. While  the poor can starve in the streets. I don't know how Romney can compete with the whoppers told in the last 2 days, and it is really hard for a person with basic intelligence to listen to the overwhelming amount of B.S. that Republicans spout and everyone just claps and acts like it's truth. I believe there are a lot  of people who probably won't read or even check to see if maybe anything these Republicans say isn't true.
You would think the Religious conservatives, that influence Republican politics, with it's obsession on female reproductive rights and the Bible, would look at the 10 commandments. Besides thou shalt not kill, Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The White Man's American Dream

"Hard work, get married before you have children". Don't forget with "God's help", you too can have "life, liberty and not dependency". These are Rick Santorum's words. He's proud of the fact that his grandfather worked in a coal mine until he was 72 years old. It blow's my mind that he didn't think that maybe his 72 year old grandfather deserved some kind of security in his old age. Because "there weren't any benefits back in the good old days, but freedom", okay, Braveheart. God help you if you were black or a woman, or worse, a black single mother. Then he brought out the good old "Obama gutted the work requirement for welfare, and surprise! it's not true. PolitiFact | Rick Santorum repeats Romney claim that Obama is ending work requirement in welfare
I wonder how much lying will go on tonight. It's like the whole convention is one big liefest.
Finally, Santorum trotted out his disabled daughter Bella. who, unfortunately, will be dependent for the rest of her life and has a preexisting condition. Who will benefit from President Obama's Affordable Care Act. What a hypocrite.
So lets go back to the good old days. When there was a male daddy and a female mommy in a marriage. When there was "legitimate" rape, and if things didn't "shut down" with no access to abortion except a back alley, women died in droves. They never mention that. Why? We all know that a woman of means can get an abortion out of the country if they ever take Roe v. Wade away. So lets be serious, this is about the poor. It seems like all of this is about the poor. The poor who can't afford health insurance. The poor who can't afford a college education, the millions of unemployed who now find themselves in poverty.
What a relief that Anne Romney has heard our voice from her lofty perch on her dressage horse. She loves us women! As long as your not a gay woman, or a single mother.
Now, she's seriously kissing some American woman ass. After the assault on women her party has unmercifully deployed. She's got a lot of makin' up to do. She also had a father who was a coal miner and proud of it. Is this why Republican's love "clean coal"?  She didn't mention that her grandfather was a miner too, and had black lung disease.
So lets give Mitt a chance! A chance for a ride in the way back machine, back to the 1800's if we're lucky we don't go to the middle ages, when leeches were a form of healthcare.
 Chris Christie's parents grew up in poverty. You would think there would be at least some mention of solving the poverty problem in this country since it seems to be something a lot of Republicans are familiar with when it comes to their parents. They speak about it in terms of "dependency", as if a poor person going through the hell of applying for assistance and food stamps want to be "dependent". They want a job, but the job creators billions have left these American shores.
Now we get to Christie's "belief in telling the American people the truth", will attract the people to his party. It's good to know that Romney is the "truth teller" in the Republican party, depending on which way the wind blows. I for one, would like to know the truth about his tax returns.
So far we have had the sanctity of marriage, a coal miner's daughter, lies about welfare, the national deficit, half of which was on George "W"'s watch, who is mysteriously absent tonight. Along with the truth.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Inconvenience Of Isaac.

It's the  one year anniversary of Hurricane Irene. Currently, there's a hurricane bearing down on The  GOP's hatefest in Tampa, Florida. Hurricane Irene left millions without power for days. But the only thing lawmakers in New Jersey are interested in is passing legislation so that people can get fined for going through roadblocks
There is nothing to address the problem of the power grid going down. If something on the level of what India is going through, happened here, I can't imagine what the consequences would be. There is an Energy Regulatory Committee, but because there are so many different  regulations  all over the country, there doesn't seem to be any cohesion between these entities. Congress seems to only be concerned about cyberterrorists. Since they can't pass any legislation, power grid issues won't be addressed.
The amount of storms that are more intense and more extreme, is rising. But the climate deniers getting together in Florida, might have a hard time denying Hurricane Isaac, they have already postponed their opening until Monday. I hope the people in Florida don't get hit too hard. But I wish the hurricane would give the Republicans the smackdown. Maybe if they were inconvenienced with power outages similar to what happened after Hurricane Irene hit, they might think having a power grid that was secure would be a priority.
Instead I guess they'll be talking about "legitimate" rape, or a National Vagina Regulatory Commission, (presided over by men, of course)  Here's hoping Mother Nature is really pissed off and decides to wreak havoc right over the convention in Tampa.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

GOTEA Party!

The economy is the big issue in the coming fall election. The 2012 economy is the direct result of Boehner/McConnell/GoTea Party obstructionist tactics. It seems that whatever the Republican Party used to be is gone. It should now be called The GOTEA Party.
Romney's choice of Ryan, is proof that conservative extremism, is their only interest. They are counting on the fact that a distracted and ignorant public, will vote Republican, not understanding that it is now the GOTEA Party.
The economy was on the upswing the first 2 years after President Obama was elected, with the stimulus, the auto industry. "Cash for Clunkers", "First Time Home Buyers Tax Credit" in 2009. Then Hater Boehner-McConnell-GOTEA Party, took over in 2010 their was no more consideration of ideas to solve any of the country's problems. That would mean success for the Obama Administration and that just cannot happen. Any victory for President Obama equals failure to them.
So now we have EXACTLY the economy Boehner-McConnell-GOTEA Party wanted. This is what the country gets with a GOTEA Party obstructing every attempt to solve 30 plus years of failed conservative policies have caused, just the way Boehner and McConnell wanted it.
GOTEA jobs obstruction is also costing us at least 1% to 1.3% additional unemployment in the public sector. This is exactly the opposite of what happened in previous recessions when the federal government helped state and local governments. Exactly what the GOTEA Party are against.
GOTEA obstruction of any legislation to create jobs has kept the private sector from any significant improvement. In July 151,000 jobs were added, the same as in 2011.
What Boehner and McConnel have done to this country is a scandal, in terms of the human suffering they and their fellow GOTEA Partiers have caused. GOTEA is a party of hate. War against women, gays, "tax eater"-teachers, firefighters, police, the elderly collecting Social Security-they want to throw them under the bus, the unemployed, immigrants. The list is endless. I can't wait for The GOTEA Party convention in Florida. Where they will pledge to undo anything President Obama actually was able to do. If they have not done one thing for the country in the last 2 years, who could possibly vote for these psychopathic maniacs, who would rather destroy this country than actually cooperate with the President of the United States during a time of economic chaos not seen since the Great Depression. Delusional people will rally around Romney-Ryan in an orgy of hate, dressed in sugary deflective rhetoric, backing away from Ryan's budget, and there will be no talk about Romney's tax returns. Oh the sanctity of life for rich career politicians with no real agenda for the middle class or the poor. 
How many crocodile tears will flow at the GOTEA convention?

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Paul Ryan and Ayn Rand

Paul's idol, Ayn Rand and he have something in common. They both collected Social Security. According  to Wikipedia, Ms. Rand, "In 1976 she retired from writing her newsletter and, despite her initial objections, reluctantly allowed Evva Pryor, a consultant from her attorney's office, to sign her up for Social Security and Medicare." According to my google skills, Paul Ryan, collected Social Security survivor benefits. Since he didn't need the money, he banked it and used it for college.*
Now I wonder shouldn't he pay it back? Also, maybe there should be some kind of means test, meaning people, who have millions, and really don't need it and bank their S.S., maybe they shouldn't be collecting it. It is amazing to me. I have known very wealthy people who can't wait to get that check for very different reasons than my poverty stricken grandmother.
Isn't that the point of the whole argument? These rich Republicans moan and groan about how Social Security is bankrupt, but they still collect, can't recall any of them saying they would send back the check. Never heard Boehner say it or Romney.  So, I can't wait to hear Ryan gush about how Ayn Rand inspired him to torture us with his bullshit, meanwhile, both of them are hypocrites. But we already knew that. Did anyone check out Tom Morello's fantastic rant in Rolling Stone about Ryan. What a pleasure to read. Rage is one of Ryan's favorite bands, who knew? How out of touch can you be? Proves what a damn idiot he is. But we knew that too.
Who is Paul Ryan? 10 facts about the VP pick - Kevin Cirilli -
Tom Morello: 'Paul Ryan Is the Embodiment of the Machine Our Music Rages Against' | Music News | Rolling Stone

Friday, August 17, 2012

Putin's Witch Hunt

The Scene Of The Crime
I think it's too bad Pussy Riot didn't try protesting in a Vatican Cathedral. But we all know how priests feel about the "P" word. Pussy Riot was sentenced today.
Pussy Riot sentenced to two years in prison colony over anti-Putin protest | Music | The Guardian
2 years in a prison colony. They were found guilty of holliganism (are you kidding me?) motivated by religious hatred. They are anything but either of those things. They were criticized by the Russian Orthodox Church as "blasphemous" and "crude hostility towards millions of people" for their anti-Putin punk prayer". Only politically correct prayers allowed people!
Whenever I hear people saying the "B" word in regards to women, I think of fire and a good stake burning. 
"They are in jail because it is Putin's personal revenge," said Alexey Navalny, the opposition's de facto leader. "The verdict was written by Vladimir Putin". Mr. Navalny is a Russian blogger, lawyer and activist who has been repeatedly arrested and jailed protesting the Putin regime. He faces charges that could earn him 10 years in who knows where Russian prison gulag.
This has all come out of a movement where, the Russian people feel that their election was hijacked and Putin remains in power only through his brutal crackdown of any opposition. If only Americans had the same guts during the Bush-Gore election, when the Supreme Court crowned Bush king.
I have to say, these are some pretty tough young women. Maybe they can be kept out of prison, for a longtime with a lot of litigation.
"Maria Alyokhina, 24, Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, 22, and Yekaterina Samutsevich, 30, were calmly defiant as a judge handed down the sentence, to cries of "Shame!" inside and outside court."
The world needs more hooligans
Dasvidaniya, to all my Russian  friends who read my blog. The world is watching your brave struggle.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Got Justice?

I wonder who the scales are in favor of?
I am pretty angry. But it's not what you think. I don't care who Romney chose, either way, it's all about the corporations. What I am really pissed about is this. Goldman-Sachs was let off scott-free. I am not sure why we have a Justice Department. There IS NO justice. Their subprime mess that has affected millions of Americans is "pleased" it is behind them. Millions of people who have been foreclosed on, millions whose houses are underwater, their suffering doesn't count. The Justice Department "couldn't meet the burden of proof". They couldn't "pinpoint blame for a financial crisis that pushed the United States into a severe recession from which the economy is still recovering only slowly."  How about conflict of interest?
Henry Paulson, was Goldmans CEO before he was named Treasury Secretary in 2006, right before the whole bubble burst and the Greater Depression affected every American. Except for the wealthy, of course. When mortgage experts were asked what was the worst subprime bank, they answered Goldman-Sachs.
However it's not a crime.
Try telling that to the millions of unemployed, to the people who wanted to retire, but lost their investments, anyone who owned a home and watched their equity sink into a bottomless pit. But there is no bail out for them.
So lets move along, we already have a student loan bubble. Most of us who do our own grocery shopping have already noticed the "food bubble" . "But while US congress denies a food crisis, the World Bank reported 44 million people are affected by the escalating price of food at a G20 meeting." Is there anything these pigfuckers don't have their greedy fingers in? So, they have shelter covered, you are lucky if you have it, and you are probably paying a fortune for it. The price of gas is outrageous because of Goldman's futures managers.
Water, water everywhere? "Widespread privatization efforts grew in the late 20th Century when international financial institutions such as the World Bank and International Monetary Fund required countries seeking assistance to deregulate, abolish subsidies, and even sell much of their water systems and infrastructure to private investors." Access to water should be a basic human right. "privatization is often seen as having failed much of the world’s poor."  Waterworld here we come. There is nothing that they can't find to rip off the most vulnerable or the people who are just plain getting by. There is no one to stop their criminal activity. Which brings me full circle. Guess who is Goldman's favorite? If you guessed Romney you would be correct.
If you like books, check out these chicks  Book Bitches Podcast.
For something out of the ordinary.

Thursday, August 9, 2012


It is really hot, but what is even hotter, is Romney and his lies. You would think such a religious guy could feel the flames of hell singe him. Today it's President Obama's War On Religion. He is still crying about women getting birth control from religious employers. Sorry Willard, not all of us can afford to raise 5 kids. (I'm kind of curious if he has to pay for his Viagra) Then there's the next lie, that Mr. Obama is just giving away money to welfare queens, driving around in Cadillacs, living the luxe life. Even though Romney, once upon a time requested such a waiver, as governor of Massachusetts. On and on with nothing but misinformation, disinformation, any thing to keep us from asking exactly where his tax returns are? And what exactly is he hiding? I'm not even going to mention exactly how embarrassing his trip abroad was. Because I am too tired. I spent the better part of the last 2 days informing some very vehement Republicans of exactly what Romney really stands for, what he has done (offshoring jobs and his own milions) and what he is doing today (distracting everyone from the fact that he avoids taxes, and was possibly criminally liable, utilizing the 2007 tax amnesty) 
Why is it that the welfare system is always abused, but the tax system is never abused?
What amazes me is that they don't know. They don't know about his offshoring. They think that since Romney is a business man he can run America like a business. They don't know about Romneycare and that once he was a moderate Republican. But the worst is, that the Republicans I talk to STILL think that the ACA, or Obamacare is going to take away their health insurance or make them pay a fine, if they lose their health insurance. The level of ignorance is just amazing. Also, some of them still think the President wasn't born in this country. Some of these people are actually friends of mine, and they seem genuinely shocked when I tell them these fact's. How did you find out about all this? That's what they ask me. Well for one, I am not getting a daily dose of what the Foxtitutes are selling. I guess I am just getting old but I remember when it wasn't okay to act stupid, someone would actually call you out and tell you to stop being or acting stupid. But now it's perfectly acceptable to say stupid shit and get into your pick-up decorated with the confederate flag, and go buy some bullets for the guns you keep clean in case you have to join the Militia. Which brings me to my next point, I have never seen such hatred for the President of the United States. I can only sum it up with one common denominator, the Black man got into the WHITE HOUSE. That just can't be tolerated. It is never said outright, but that is the underlying xenophobic hysteria. Most of the people I talked to yesterday were senior citizens. Some of them were younger, the younger demographic (30 years old) they are not voting at all, they think it is useless. They point to President Obama not sticking to his platform, also his use of drones. They think their vote doesn't count. It's these amazing extremes that tell me we are living in very strange times, the young people seem weary and disaffected, the older generation, is angry and seem to want to go back in time, I am afraid to ask how far back. But back we will go if Romney is in charge.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Fiscal Cliff Of Eternal Peril!

Go Ahead And Jump Congress!
Thank God they're on vacation, it's pretty much a permanent one for the do-nothing 113th congress. Lets see if their inaction will send us over the fiscal cliff. It stands to reason they will do nothing. They have before, why not again?
Before they left they passed this. I spent way too much time trying to figure out how many jobs were going to be created by this bill. First of all it's about consolidating 6 current individual tax brackets to 2. (of 10% and not higher than 25%) and repeal the corporate income tax rate to not more than 25%. It is currently 35%. How is it that corporations need a tax break? Corporate profits have never been higher. When Republicans are screaming about the deficit, Social Security and Medicare costing waaaay to much money, the answer to that of course, is cutting the tax rate for corporations.
The real interesting part is how  would they fund that tax cut?
By a simpler and fairer tax code of course! Because they think we're stupid and we won't research exactly what they are doing behind our backs. So basically as it stands now,  we have six tax brackets that can go up to a maximum of 35%. So if this Pathway to Job Creation and More tax Cuts for The Rich goes through, they get a tax cut and so do corporations.  So far, Bush's tax cuts were really amazing for job creators. However, not so amazing if you were looking for a job. Every time I hear Boehner say the words "job creators" I think that is code for "rich people who need corporate welfare and less taxes". This bill supposedly is going to streamline taxes. It will also take away deductions for mortgage interest, the earned income credit and the deductions for your kids. That is going to hit the middle class and the working poor very hard. But isn't that the point? This is their answer to the looming "end of the world as we know it" Bush tax cuts, every ones taxes will go up, rich or poor. With this new Unfairness bill, the rich's taxes can't be more than 25%. Now this bill is on the way to the Ways and Means committee, Dave Camp is the Republican incumbent chairman, he is now battling cancer. Thank God he has healthcare, provided by the Government. Check out his website  and scroll down, check out where it says "broken promise", "why Obamacare will force Americans to lose healthcare they have and like." Which is a damn lie, and notice, it's for people WITH healthcare, who cares if you don't have any, but, I digress. My guess is there's a good chance this bill will die in Ways and Means, it's like a graveyard for bills that don't have a chance.The only people this bill will help are the richest 2% of Americans and throws the middle class and poor under the bus. Here's a website I like There's a number you can call to tell your representative off. I do think we need tax reform, since no one  can do their taxes themselves anymore. I wonder if anything will happen before the debt ceiling/fiscal cliff happens, since there don't seem to be any sane people in Washington, they are all like Lemmings, they  should do us all a favor and jump.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Real Blind Side

photo by The Guardian
There were many incidents of police brutality during last fall's Occupy movement. But this one where this "campus police officer", willfully pepper sprayed these peacefully protesting students made me sick. Finally after close to 10 months, he was terminated. 
 After collecting his 6 figure salary and all kinds of compensation. What I'd really like to know, is who covered the medical bills for the students he tried to blind? That pepper spray was a military grade canister, meant to be used at a distance of at least 6 feet away. Why are these "officers" being armed with those kinds of weapons at a college campus? Considering the sky high tuition students are paying, security must be included in the Universities budget, which of course now "campus police officers" are armed as if they are going to war, with college kids. I want to know how that happened? Back in the 90's when I went to college, security officers were armed with a flash light.
Then I start researching. University Of California, Berkeley Campus Police Will Not Be Allowed To Buy Armored Truck
Really? Why would a college need a G.D. armored truck? Here's the kicker. They were going to buy one with a $169,000 grant from the DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY! Our tax dollars almost bought a damn tank for Berkeley.
So I am now questioning did U.C. Davis get their military grade weaponry from a Homeland Security grant?
In this article $34 billion has been granted from Homeland Security over the last ten years, "to combat terrorist threats and drug trafficking". $34 billion for that, but not for healthcare, not for putting people back to work, not for poverty, not for a free college education for anyone who wanted one. That is a staggering amount of money in the name of "terrorist threats", then they use it on protesting college kids. Too bad they couldn't pepper spray Jerry Sandusky or Joe Paterno. It's a shame that Homeland Security couldn't make things more secure for the students that were assaulted at Penn State. The point is that our kids aren't safe, and if you really want to think about it, it's the administrators of our Universities that are dangerous. Looking the other way when sexual violence occurs, arming  "campus officers" with military equipment to use against their own students. That's quite an education.