Saturday, November 11, 2017

Crooks, Crimes, Perverts and Paradise.

Hey, thanks Donna Brazile for confirming everything that I blogged about when it came to the DNC rigging the 2016 election. (read here, here, and here, my blogs about the DNC, especially, what happened in Nevada to Bernie Sanders) thanks a lot, Donna Brazile, you sell out.
Now, that you got a book deal, you will spill your guts about Hillary Clinton's takeover of the DNC, which ultimately led to the election of Donald Trump.
I'm not going to buy Brazile's book or even read it. Why should she get money for screwing people over, then she writes a book about it? Does she even feel ashamed of herself? The time to open her mouth is long gone.
I'm no fan of Trump, but he's right on target with this tweet. That's scary right there.

Next, we've got the almost astounding Arab purge and the arrest of Bush Buddy, Bandar (read my blog from 2014, here)  I am kind of shocked anything happened to Bandar, since W. Bush gets trotted out, like he's some kind of hero, after he lied us into a war in Iraq, but I guess that's not corrupt. Down is up and up is  down and  Saudi Arabia's detaining Lebanon's Prime Minister Hariri, looks like shit's going down and Iran is the target. I guess the Saudi's have to try out their billions of dollars of weaponry, provided by the US.
There's no way to wrap your head around what's going on any more. The Saudi's have informed their citizens to get out of Lebanon and are trying to stage some kind of proxy war with Iran and we all know that country's been on the neocons list for decades. Kreepy Kushner, flew out to Saudi Arabia unannounced, I can only wonder what kind of sketchy, shady deal went on since Kushner has mortgaged himself to the hilt with his 666 Fifth Avenue property.
Speaking of creepy, Louis C.K.! Now it's your turn!
 Rumors about him being a pervert have been swirling around for years.
Now he can join Weinstein and maybe Tiger's Blood Charlie Sheen in some kind of expensive sex addiction clinic and then PRESTO! He's cured! Winning!
God only knows how many more are out there, that will be outed in the coming weeks and months. Because it's rampant, it's everywhere.
There are few women who haven't had to tolerate some form of this at their workplace. However, it appears that the facade is crumbling and people are speaking out. It's going to take a long time for this to end. A LOT more sex addiction clinics are going to have to be built.
Last but not least;
The Paradise Papers tell the story of the great siphoning of wealth into offshored accounts. While the Middle Class disappears and this offshored money does nothing for the economy.
How much of Weinstein's money is in offshored accounts? How about Louis C.K.?
 Maybe Kushner and Ivanka?
How about Hillary Clinton and her shady "NON-PROFIT" Clinton Foundation? Is that money offshored too? Who would be her biggest donors? I believe it would be the Saudi's ( I blogged this back in 2016 here)  We've just about come full circle when it comes to corruption, a rigged system that allows the wealthy and powerful to ride roughshod over the rest of us. Then, they get a million dollar book deal and tell us how we were stabbed in the back.
 Every week, there's a new revelation, every day, there's another distraction and most people just aren't paying attention. They are worn out and exhausted from working, let alone trying to pay attention to the avalanche of information you have to sift through, to  find out anything close to the truth.
You can't tell me that's not purposeful.
When you finally, a year after the election, have a high powered official who writes a tell-all book, but didn't tell-all when it counted.
When people watched what happened in Nevada, but she had nothing to say then?
 I can't forget that. I hope no one else does. I don't vote anymore and this is one of the reasons why;