Saturday, December 26, 2015

2015 A Year Of Fear

When I think about the past year, I think about John Lennon's words, that society is being run by insane people with insane objectives. To think that basically nothing has changed since then, except John Lennon is dead, killed by someone who was insane. Oh the irony.
It's been a year of fear.
ISIS, ISIS, ISIS! We need a war and it looks like ISIS will provide the excuse and one politician has a plan to "take back the internet" I guess now that ISIS has it?
We started the year with the Charlie Hebdo attack, if that wasn't crazy enough we ended it with the attacks in Paris.
Walter Scott, Freddie Gray, Sandra Bland and the list goes on of scared cops shooting African Americans, birthing the BlackLivesMatter movement. Then we have this;
This is just the one who was caught, which begs the question, how many more like him are out there?
Finally on June 27th, the Supreme Court came through with the Marriage Equality Act, suddenly, there's a "war on faith" be afraid, be very afraid, basically of Ted Cruz. That dude is scary. Scarier than him; that would be Chris Christie, who doesn't stand a chance against the Trump brand and his only means now of getting elected is using guilt to goad people into voting for him. It's game over for Jeb! He's a zombie politician. Makes no sense to elect another Bush, unless of course you want another war. All of these candidates are so bad, that people I know actually want to vote for Trump! What's even better will be a debate between Hillary and Trump. That is going to be hilarious.
Here in the Northeast we have "freakishly" warm weather, which is fine with me. I guess we're supposed to be afraid of climate change, but I'll take this over snow any day. Don't look now but Winter Storm Goliath is on it's way so everyone get your milk, bread and eggs. Stay tuned for update after update of chaos and mayhem. brought to you by the weather or terrorists or both. Which is why I don't have TV any more. It's a fear medium. I can't completely avoid Fox News because it's on in restaurants and bars and it's always on where I work, they believe it all, everything they see on TV they think is true. There's no difference between Fox and CNN, it's all the same ISIS story all the time.
 It's been about four years since I've had cable and Comcast representatives keep knocking at my door trying to convince me to take them back, like an ex-boyfriend who refuses to just go away. My life has improved because I don't have fear porn constantly bombarding me. 2015 was a good year, despite all the bad news, don't believe everything you see.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Another Day, Another Debate

Here we are, another day another debate. I have a friend who can't wait to vote for Trump or Trumpet, as I like to call him since he's so loud. The Washington Post leads with this story; "Debate's Focal Point, Who Can Keep The Country Safe?" Now that is funny. The idea that our country could be made safe at all with the staggering amount of daily shootings we endure, it's a joke.
They don't care about anyone's safety. Wait, it gets even better.
The city of Flint, Michigan is under a state of emergency, not because of gun violence, but pollution. Specifically water pollution;
That's right toxic water full of lead, irreversible damage done to children. Not only that, but the people of Flint, had the pleasure of paying to poison their children. I know what you're thinking, so, that's what's wrong with Michael Moore, but I digress. The life long effects of lead poisoning and the years spent litigating this mess and millions of dollars, mostly going to lawyers. According to The Center Of Public Integrity, Michigan is the most corrupt state in the country and can you guess what will happen as a result of the Flint water mess? Privatization of what should be a basic human right to water. The moral of this story is no one will be held accountable for poisoning the water, like no one is accountable for starting a war based on lies. But hey, lets all stay glued to the TV, stay tuned for more Donald Trumpet, maybe he can keep the country"safe" like he keeps his money safe, bankruptcy after bankruptcy. His "free market" deal included a "40-year tax abatement for rebuilding a crumbling hotel at Grand Central Station—a deal that in the first decade cost taxpayers $60 million" 
It's good to know where Trump stands on illegal immigrants since, his company employs them.
According to Chris Christie, "people are scared to death" because "everywhere in America is a target for terrorists" the real terrorists are these politicians, married to bankers and hedgefund managers. Ted Cruz's wife worked for Goldman Sachs. Chris Christies wife was a hedge fund manager and worked at Cantor Fitzgerald
Don't think I have any love for Hillary Shillary Clinton either and no it's not because of Benghazi, it's the State Department favors she did for her hedge fund manager son-in-law, who also worked for Goldman-Sachs. It's amazing how the banks influence and oppression is everywhere in politics. Why vote for a politician? Just vote for a bank. Go to a local branch and fill out a ballot and deposit it. It's way more convenient than racing to your local poll on a Tuesday in November after work. Face it, if they really wanted you to vote, they would give you the day off or you'd do it on a weekend like other countries. Which brings me to the point of why bother voting? If you think there's any difference between any of these twits and their BS, good luck to you. There is no choice, there is no difference between Republicans, Democrats, Trump or Hillary, they are all the same. Casting a vote won't change that, Remember "hope and change"? They are no different.