Thursday, June 21, 2018

Barbarians At The Gate

It is really hard to believe what is going on in this crazy country. Suddenly people care about
We have a history of separating children from parents since slavery, we did it to Native Americans, it's nothing new.
We drone them in the Middle East and starve them in Yemen. The US only care's about children until they are born, so

they can deny women access to birth control and abortion.
The legislation just signed means that the children won't be separated from the parents until their case is processed.
They will then be charged with the crime of illegal entry and be separated.
It's not going to stop.
As long as TPTB can continue fooling people, like they just did with this nothing legislation, these issues will just go into the memory hole.
Notice who get's separated in this country
I once knew someone who bragged that he snuck into this country from the Canadian border, He told me the only reason he married his wife was for a green card. He got it too.
He was white.
Canada, just legalised marijuana for recreational use, I doubt it will ever happen here, they have single payer healthcare too, but I digress.
The reason we won't have legal weed here, is so we can continue to bust people and put them in prison, separating children from parents, it's a moneymaker for the prison systems, especially private ones which I have blogged about.
I wrote about the very thing we are seeing now when it comes to the immigration issue everyone is upset about back in 2013.
The for profit prison industrial complex can't be allowed to end it's reign of terror, as long as the profiteers need inmates. Republicans got the bulk of the money lobbyists bribed them with. As long as they are paying, they will be ordering the republican grifters to keep thinking up new ideas, to expand their profits.
Just looking at Trump molesting that flag says it allPeople love him, they have no ability to think critically, they watch Youtube, they don't read. They work crap jobs for low wages and have no idea what these immigrants are running from and why with our empire of interfering in Central American countries.
Most Americans have no idea of the context of why these people are fleeing countries our government has destroyed.
In a few days, we'll have moved on to the next manufactured crisis.
This was entirely predictable, it will continue, while this country continues to devolve into the kind of chaos that happens when everything degrades into a tribal nervous breakdown. Waiting for their savior, Trump, to lead them out of the darkness. What he's going to do is take them down with him, while they cheer him on. It's sickening, but predictable. It's at the point now where the barbarians are inside the gate. They are us.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Free Julian Assange

This is the 6th anniversary of Julian Assange going into hiding at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. This man has been persecuted for a long time.
There is supposed to be a UN Human Rights Council meeting, today about Mr. Assange.
Guess who wants to leave this Human Rights Council? Donald Trump.
Is it any accident that the CIA computer engineer Josh Schulte who was responsible for the Vault 7 leaks, was indicted yesterday?
All of these things converging at once.
I can only hope that Julian Assange, can get his freedom and be safely escorted to a country that will protect him. I doubt it will be his home country of Austrialia as it is part of our 5 eyes intelligence operation.
Julian Assange has been silenced for over 80 days. The embassy has cut off his wifi access. He is said to be in poor health, it's a travesty that he is still locked in there.
If it wasn't for Julian I would probably have never started blogging.
Today I stand in solidarity with Julian Assange.
I will up date when possible, for further information; Live Blog Julian Assange
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